5 Cheap & Exciting date ideas for Valentines

 Ok so I am still a newlywed, but we have kids so that puts us in the been married at least 5 years category and our dates have been boring!  And with valentines coming up, I was dreading the dinner, flowers, movie routine- so I decided to compile a list of 5 different ideas to try to “spice” up our dating life.

 Cheap & Exciting date idea #1 :  Skip the movie and go to a hotel.  Movies are expensive and you can wait for them to come out on netflix.  Spend the same $50.00 on a hotel, much more fun than watching some one else enjoy life!

#2: Hire a babysitter and go to a drive through movie and act like a teenager again :-)

#3:  Take a walk on the beach or park while holding hands.  As a couple you can talk or say nothing at all but the simple act of holding hands can be wildly refreshing.

#4: Play a sport together.  There is nothing more exciting than playing a game of horse or soccer or touch football.  In addition to the competition ( I am very competitive) the exercise and sweatiness makes the date much more fun.

#5: Send the kids to Grandma’s house or their best friends – Spend the danicing.  Who says you have to go to the “hottest” club to dance, some times your Ipod and living room can do the trick!

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Product Review: Strawberry Soap by Cleary Naturals

Strawberry soap      Product review:  Clearly Natural Soap Strawberry Scent

Overall impression:

The soap is a pretty pink color, with a fresh & light strawberry scent.  I couldn’t wait to use the product as the smell reminded me of the strawberry fields growing up.

 the product lathers nicely and stays together pretty well.  It started to crumble once it got less and less but that’s expected in soap.  My 3yr old loved using the soap, she kept saying:  “Pretty soap and it’s smells yummy!”

It lasted about 2 weeks.

Ratings:  3 stars!  I’d recommended it!

Check it out:  


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