Dairy free pizza recipe ( gluten free, soy free, egg free as well)

Last night I made this amazing gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, vegan pizza.

Dough– cheated and used Bob’s red mill pizza dough gluten free/dairy free

Toppings: red bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, tomatos, tomatoe sauce

Cheese: Daiya Cheddar cheese! I love that stuff!

Make the dough according to directions, we substituted the eggs for egg replacer

Then spread the tomato sauce on put the veggies on and top with lots of daiya cheese and wa la!

You have the best dairy free, gluten free pizza!

Now a word about the Daiya cheese, I buy mine in 5lb bags. The shipping is very expensive to S.Texas but we freeze it and use it for a few months.

I also made the whole packet of dough and made a big pizza so the kids would have lunch the next day!

Living with allergies is challenging but I actually love it in some ways.  We get to spend quality time cooking and we get to experiment with new recipes. Plus we are a ton healthier :-)

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Oh yum! A nut free way to do apples & no peanut butter

In our family we are nut free. Not that we are allergic but since we have so many other food allergies, I just like to live on the safe side :-)

Here is the best nut free peanut substitute on the market:

Sunbutter! Oh goodness I live by that stuff. You can buy it at target or my favorite on line shoppe is


Here is the simple recipe:

Take 1 organic apple

and 2 tsp of sunbutter

dip the apple and enjoy!

A healthy gluten free-dairy free-tree nut free but not taste free snack!

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Safe Water Bottles: How to Tell if Your Water Bottle is BPA Free

Safe Water Bottles: How to Tell if Your Water Bottle is BPA Free Safe water bottles

BPA – What it IS

If you want to use a water bottle that is safe, then you want to opt for one that is free from BPA. If you don’t know what BPA is, it’s a chemical that is used in the molding of plastics. Known chemically as bisphenol-A, it’s employed primarily in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic and has been used in the production of containers for microwaves, baby bottles and sippy cups. Since the 1930s, people have been concerned about the use of BPA in plastic materials.

When used in plastic bottles, BPA can leach out toxins in the water and food that can result in certain illnesses, including diabetes, cardiac problems and cancer. Also, when plastic made with BPA is subjected to heat, the risk is increased that you will ingest the substance into you system. Therefore, selecting water bottles made of plastics or materials that are free of this chemical is essential for maintaining good health and keeping the water you drink safe.

BPA-free Bottles

Fortunately, a number of manufacturers produce water bottles that are made of safe, food-grade plastics that are free of this chemical. Not only that, a number of manufacturers also produce bottles that are made of stainless steel that is likewise free of any chemicals, such as lead, phthalates or BPA. Choose from such brands, for example, as New Wave Enviro. This company produces water bottles that are made of safe, #5 food-grade plastic that is free of BPA. It also produces a bottle made of corn plastic that is biodegradable and safe to use. In addition, it makes stainless steel bottles that are designed for individuals who want to make sure that the water they drink is healthy and safe.

New wave enviroNew Wave Enviro’s 8 ounce BPA-free Plastic Water Bottles

For example, from New Wave Enviro’s line of plastic water bottles, you may be interested in their small 8 ounce bottles. These bottles are made of safe, #5 food-grade plastic and are BPA free. Include them in your kids’ lunch boxes or take them to work or to the gym. Or, choose any of their stainless steel, BPA-free bottles in 20 ounce, 40 ounce and 2 liter sizes.

The Ech20 Line

Ecousableusable is also another brand that produces stainless steel bottles that are considered safe and free of BPA, phthalates and lead. Their Ech20 line is a quality stainless steel line of water bottles. They offer bottles in 18 and 25 ounce sizes with filters that ensure clean, contaminant-free water. The bottles are also easy to clean as you can use mild dishwashing liquid and soap or vinegar. They have a padded bottom so you don’t have to worry about setting your bottle down and scratching your countertop too.

Earthlust water bottlesEarth Lust Water Bottles

Earth Lust, still another brand, provides bottles made of stainless steel that are also BPA free. They come with a number of attractive imprinted designs, such as a “Growing Tree,” Purple Flower,” “Parsley,” and “Swallows.” The water bottles are offered in 16 ounce, 20 ounce and 1 liter sizes.

Check out the Guarantee

Therefore, when choosing any water bottle, make sure that the manufacturer guarantees that the product is free of:


· Lead

· Phthalates

BPA-free Brands

We only want to work with Brands that make this BPA Free guarantee, so here is our list of BPA free Brands:

New Wave Enviro

Ecousable (the Ech20 line of water bottles)

Earth Lust

Crocodile Creek


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Yummy Ginger cookies, dairy free, egg free and gluten free

Last night I got the yearning for some ginger cookies. So we pulled a recipe from About.com dairy free cooking and modified the recipe.


2 1/4 Gluten free flour mix. I used 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour, 1 cup brown rice flour both Bob’s Red mill

2 tsp of egg replacer ( mixed with way too much water as my 5 year old helped! we only added what was needed)

1/4 tsp xanthum gum ( bob’s red mill)

1/2 tsp baking soda ( bob’s red mill)

1 cup brown sugar

3 tsp molasses

1 tsp clover

3 tbs ginger powder

1/2 cup vegan organic shortening by spectum

dash of salt as we do low sodium in our lifestyle

1/4 cup granulated sugar for dusting cookies

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line wax cookie sheets with wax paper

mix all dry ingredients together.

Mix sugar, shortening, egg replace together until nice and fluffy. Then add the dry ingredients

using 2 medium size spoons, spoon a cookie unto the sheet. Using the back side of spoon press the cookie down then sprinkle with a dusting of granulated sugar.

Bake 12-15 min at 350 depending on oven.   Remove was harden, place on wire rack and enjoy your gluten free, dairy free, super easy to make ginger cookies!

Prep time: 20 min ( more if doing with kids but well worth the time and experience)

Bake time: 12-15 min

Eat time: 1 min or less! my kids loved them!

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