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This post is more of a sharing my experience vs providing a complete list of lactose free medication, because there really is no way of keeping a lactose free medication list up to date. The pharmacy companies have multiple manufacturers, brands, suppliers and fillers and sell product lines to each other often. It is nearly impossible to keep the data up to date.

I had a abscess tooth and while I tried EVERY natural remedy, garlic, clove oil, salt rinses, etc it just didn’t work. I need an antibiotic.  And since I’m allergic to random things, Amoxcillin was out but here are my tips on how to find lactose free medicine in this jungle that is called our healthcare system.

Here are the things you have to do to find out if the medicine is lactose free.

1. First, work with the right pharmacist. I prefer a small business compounding pharmacist.  Small owned pharmacy’s are NIGHT and day better at addressing the needs of people who need lactose free, gluten free or dye free medicines. The big box companies, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen were useless and down right rude to me on my search for lactose free antibiotics. They wouldn’t even spend 5 minutes explaining the if the products are safe, refused to call my doctor or the manufacturer.  I have switched all my meds back to a small company and won’t be shopping at the box stores any longer because of the experience.  The small owned business however, was helpful, followed up and called to let me know the RX was ready…how refreshing!

2. Call the manufacturer. This is important, especially if you have a life threatening allergy to lactose, caseing, soy, whey.

I called several and they took the time to research. One even called me back to say that indeed there was lactose in their medication.  Erythromycin apparently all have lactose even those it’s not listed in the ingredient deck.  It can hide in ingredients, also the info on is out of date. Abbot company sold the brand to Arbor pharmaceuticels and they added lactose. However, both product insert and the internet list old ingredient decks.

3. Look at different forms. I finally had success finding a dairy free medication when I stopped looking at caps/tabs and switched to a oral suspension form ( at the suggestion of my awesome pharmacist)

For the record, to date- May 2013 Cipro tabs and Cipro Oral suspension are lactose free the brands manufacturer by Bayer. However, their are at least 5 different companies manufacturing Cipro so be sure to check.

4. Don’t expect your dr to know. Sadly, doctor’s are educated by sales reps….so take the ball in your hands and call the manufacturer.

Some resources that I used to research are below. However, it all comes down to calling the companies!  If you have a list, source or info that you want to add – PLEASE leave it in the comment box, we need to help each other navigate this issue.

1. Steve Carpert wrote a book with a list of lactose free products, it’s dated but a start:

2. gfcfdiet.com

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