30 days no sugar- a 1pd success! ~lol -but I learned about Me

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After 30 days of no sugar, missing ALL the valentines day chocolate, cakes at the office and controlling the mid night munchies- I lost 1 pd.

To say that I was disappointed is an understatement.   And this is embarrassing, the day after my 30th day I pigged out! Cake, ice cream, M& M’s, everything-it was no hold bars.

And as I laid in bed clenching my stomach it occurred to me that while I didn’t lose the 15lbs, I gained self control and the ability to recognize when I am emotionally eating.   That’s worth about 14pds.

I am going to try again. However, this time I am going to make more time to exercise and plan my meals better. 

 Check back to see my progress!

~ Melody

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