30 Days Without Sugar- a 11 pd sucess!

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Name: Charli     Age: 32 yrs old    Occupation: Mother to 2 kids 8& 11, blogger for Sunrisewd.com

My Experience:  30 Days Without Sugar

Inspired by some close friends, I decided that on January 1, I was going to give up sugar for 30 days.

To consider myself one of those sugar addicts–particularly chocolate! So when I had actually made it through the first few days, I was shocked myself but decided that I could do this.

I had always heard that your body adjusts and that the cravings subside and I found that to be true. What I did notice right away was that it seemed everywhere I turned, there was chocolate! Cookies, cakes, brownies, even more than normal…so it seemed.

I resisted and I’m so glad.

Initially, I didn’t lose much weight, it was actually more of a discipline thing, but after a couple of weeks, I decided to make this sacrifice count and I stepped up my work outs.

By day 30, I had lost 11 pounds and was very proud of reaching my goal. I really feel better and I now know that I can do it. I would have thought it was impossible for me to give up chocolate for 30 days. It has truly been a freeing experience.

I took a break and had a few sugary snacks and now I’ve found something else to be true:

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

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