5 Cheap & Exciting date ideas for Valentines

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 Ok so I am still a newlywed, but we have kids so that puts us in the been married at least 5 years category and our dates have been boring!  And with valentines coming up, I was dreading the dinner, flowers, movie routine- so I decided to compile a list of 5 different ideas to try to “spice” up our dating life.

 Cheap & Exciting date idea #1 :  Skip the movie and go to a hotel.  Movies are expensive and you can wait for them to come out on netflix.  Spend the same $50.00 on a hotel, much more fun than watching some one else enjoy life!

#2: Hire a babysitter and go to a drive through movie and act like a teenager again :-)

#3:  Take a walk on the beach or park while holding hands.  As a couple you can talk or say nothing at all but the simple act of holding hands can be wildly refreshing.

#4: Play a sport together.  There is nothing more exciting than playing a game of horse or soccer or touch football.  In addition to the competition ( I am very competitive) the exercise and sweatiness makes the date much more fun.

#5: Send the kids to Grandma’s house or their best friends – Spend the danicing.  Who says you have to go to the “hottest” club to dance, some times your Ipod and living room can do the trick!

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