7 Easy Tips to eat more fruits & veggies

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1.  Pack your lunch. Make your sandwhich’s to include some lettuce, a tomatoe slice and some sprouts!

2. Add a handful of carrots as a snack.

3. Remember the celery & peanut butter snacks as a kid?

Try the update version and use almond or cashew butter-( go ahead and make some eyes on it with raisins)

4. Apples are natural and easy ‘fast’ foods. Take 1 with you on the go

5. Instead of chips, try crunchy peas as a evening snack.

6. Start the morning out right, dice up some bell peppers & onions in your eggs!

7.   Bored with carrots & celery-try jicama.

Jicama is a root that is sweet and crunchy to eat. It looks like a round brown ball in the vegetable section at the grocery store.

Just peel the skin off with a knife and you have a new and tasty veggie!

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