Aluminum Water Bottles versus Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Alzheimer Links

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The stainless steel water bottle is an excellent choice if you want a reusable water bottle that provides refreshment that is safe and economical too. Water bottles also are manufactured in aluminum, so you may want to know what features steel water bottles have that make them a better choice than their lighter weight metal counterparts, or water bottles made of aluminum.

Features of Aluminum Water Bottles and the Safety Factor

Although aluminum water bottles are lighter than stainless steel water bottles, they are not as durable nor can they provide the same level of safety when it comes to holding water that is free of contaminants or impurities. While it’s true that most aluminum water bottles are manufactured with liners, these plastic liners can still contain BPA, which is an unsafe compound used in the making of plastic that can seep out into the drinking water. BPA is associated with a number of health concerns, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, if aluminum bottles are damaged, which can easily happen because of their light weight, the lining may become damaged as well. If this happens, then the aluminum can readily contaminate the contents in the bottle.  As you can guess, stainless steel, although heavier in weight, is a better choice with respect to durability and for holding dependable and safe drinking water.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles – The Far Better Choice

Not only are stainless steel water bottles safer than aluminum water bottles, they are less costly too. Because stainless steel is a neutral metal, it will not leach out any metal taste in your water supply. Unlined stainless steel bottles are better too as they are free of compounds, such as BPA, lead and cadmium. Therefore, they’re the far better choice when it comes to keeping hydrated safely and economically.

Stainless Steel Brands to Consider

Three of the premier stainless steel brands to consider when choosing a stainless steel water bottle are New Wave Enviro, Ecousable and Thinksport.

20-ounce Stainless Steel Bottles by New Wave Enviro

New Wave Enviro offers 20-ounce stainless steel water bottles that are made from a low nickel 304 stainless steel. The bottles are unlined, which means they’re free of toxic compounds, such as lead, phthalates and BPA. The attractive bottles come in such jewel tone shades as bronze, green, red, silver, turquoise and blue and feature a lid that is made of #5 polypropylene, a safe food-grade plastic that is also free of BPA.

 The Ech20 Line by Ecousable

Ecousable also has some safe stainless steel bottles that come in a variety of colors. Choose from such colors as blue, purple, red, metallic green, silver and pink in 18 ounce and 25 ounce sizes. The safe 304 grade stainless steel bottles come with a filter that keeps the water fresh and odor-free too.

Thinksport: A Stylish Way to Hold Your Water

Stay hydrated and look good at the same time carrying any of the stainless steel bottles with filter manufactured by Thinksport to the gym or work. Bottles come in black or silver and are available in 12 and 25 ounce sizes. The “no sweat” bottles keep your beverages hot or cold, as needed, up to 8 hours. Their double-walled stainless steel construction keeps condensation from forming on the outside of the virtually indestructible bottles.

Any of the aforementioned brands are great choices when choosing a stainless steel water bottle for your hydration needs.  Make them your choice with respect to economy and optimum health.

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