Are Plastic Bottles Safe? Do They Leach BPA and Other Common Questions Regarding Water Bottles

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Dear Friends,

I am writing this blog regarding the safety of polycarbonate plastic bottles as I get inquiries everyday and I would like to offer some clarity on this situation.

First off, I just watched the ABC news report stating that BPA, phtalates, and other chemicals found in our daily routine are not only in animals but in humans. The tantalizing report showed interviews with study members who are now scared about using any “hard-plastic water bottles”- and I agree.
All polycarbonate bottles contain bpa, it’s apart of the manufacturing of the plastic. However, did you know that the plastic bottles are not really the biggest concern and here is why:

Plastic polycarbonate bottles have been only show to leach BPA under certain conditions.

1. The bottle is scratched or broken (at which case-throw them away.)

2. Or the bottle has been boiled at 212 for over 6 hours. A study performed Also, the only other tests was done when they boiled a # 7 bottle for 2 hours at 212 degrees and they found that it leached BPA ONLY at that temperature 3-5 parts per BILLION- a very small amount.

Additionally, a study released by the Environmental Working Group this past March showed that most BPA exposure comes from Canned foods rather than plastic bottles. With cans of soup, infant formula and past had the BPA levels.

So Where does that leave you and your family? Confused? concerned? Here are some tips that my family and I follow to limit our exposure to BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Below are some links to sites with more information on BPA and the safety of plastics. As always, do what is best for your family. offers alternative to polycarbonate plastic such as the Cool corn water bottles that biodegrade after 90 uses and stainless steel water bottles in 12oz, 16oz, 32 oz and 40oz water bottles sizes.

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