Easy Chicken & Chili bean -Gluten & dairy free

This is a super easy Chicken and Chili bean gluten and dairy free recipe. I made it with left over chicken.

1-Garlic clove

1 can of Northern white beans ( gluten and dairy free)

6oz of chicken, cubed ( I used left overs)

3 tsb of gluten free flour( love bob’s red mill all purpose)

6 tbs of oil-I used olive oil can use Earth’s best vegan butter sticks

8oz of chicken broth ( used beef and it was just as tasty)

1- green zuchinni

1-yellow zuchinni


2 tbs of agave syrup

2 tsp of cumin

2 tbp of Chili powder

In a frying pan saute the onion and garlic in oil for about 4 mins.

Then add the flour, cumin, chili powder and beans and broth.  Stir the flour in first until it begans to thicken then add the powders, beans and broth. Allow to boil and stir frequently.  Lower the temp to simmer and add the chicken.

I then started the rice ( brown rice) but I recommend starting this first as it takes longer.

Once the rice is ready the food is ready to serve!

We topped ours with Salsa and tofutti sour cream! yummy!

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Thankfully living with Milk allergy?

In an odd turn of events, I presented with an anaphylactic reaction to milk in early oct.

 I was eating a piece of wheat bread with a slice of cheese on top and all of a sudden my throat began to close ( a symptom of milk allergy) and I was scared.   Being 30 and never having experience any sort of food allergies this was perplexing ( not to mention scary & terrifying event.)

General MD’s will tell you that it’s not uncommon to present with a milk allergy but I don’t believe. I think it’s an underling cause that creates milk allergies ( to be discussed later.)

Regardless, a month later and a few trips to ER ( it took awhile to figure out that it was the milk causing the allergy) I’m ready to move forward.

 With Epi-pen in hand I am learning to explore the world with Milk allergy and dairy free living.

 Step one: I have to learn what is dairy free living and how to I do it.

 The interesting thing is that milk or milk by products are in EVERTHING… Chicken from the grocery has  it, chips, chocolate, anything prepacked . It makes it difficult for someone with Milk allergies to eat out or buy prepackaged foods.

The first thing I did was lol- to research chocolate! I mean less face it everyone woman needs a source of chocolate.  I’ve sampled a few but my favorite is Amanda’s own. http://www.amandasown.com/

Those people are great! They absolutely have no milk products in their facility ( I asked, repeatedly)

 Step 2:  Figuring how to avoid cross contamination.   

In my house, we have a 3 yr old, my husband and grandma.  So that means lots of mac n’ cheese, bottles of milk, half & half for the coffee and cheese on every piece of meat that my husband touches, which makes the kitchen a danger zone for someone with Milk Allergies.

The first thing I did was explain to each of them how just a little bit of milk sends Mom straight to the ER.   Once I washed my hands with a milk and rose soap, ate some carrots with my just washed hands and had an reaction- so this milk allergy is serious for me.

We eventually worked out a system of color coding plates and utensils that and I wear gloves when I touch or fix food for my family. 

Step 3:  Learning how to eat dairy free. What Can I eat now with dairy allergy?

Because we live in rural South Texas there are no super cool whole foods or trader joes’ or even local health food stores so I hit the net looking for recipes.

Really living without butter is not as bad as it seems, olive oil works great.

I even made my own Rice milk !  ( not difficult as it seems.)  

Living & eating with an acute Milk allergy is tough for certain, but I have a wide selection of fruits, vegetables & lean meats.   

To be continued….

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7 Easy Tips to eat more fruits & veggies


1.  Pack your lunch. Make your sandwhich’s to include some lettuce, a tomatoe slice and some sprouts!

2. Add a handful of carrots as a snack.

3. Remember the celery & peanut butter snacks as a kid?

Try the update version and use almond or cashew butter-( go ahead and make some eyes on it with raisins)

4. Apples are natural and easy ‘fast’ foods. Take 1 with you on the go

5. Instead of chips, try crunchy peas as a evening snack.

6. Start the morning out right, dice up some bell peppers & onions in your eggs!

7.   Bored with carrots & celery-try jicama.

Jicama is a root that is sweet and crunchy to eat. It looks like a round brown ball in the vegetable section at the grocery store.

Just peel the skin off with a knife and you have a new and tasty veggie!

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Grocerys are expensive…here is a coupon to help save you some money!


 With the cost of oil and energy on the increase, the cost of groceries have been getting higher as well. 

I have complied a list of coupon sites to help you save money! ~ Enjoy






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30 days no sugar- a 1pd success! ~lol -but I learned about Me

After 30 days of no sugar, missing ALL the valentines day chocolate, cakes at the office and controlling the mid night munchies- I lost 1 pd.

To say that I was disappointed is an understatement.   And this is embarrassing, the day after my 30th day I pigged out! Cake, ice cream, M& M’s, everything-it was no hold bars.

And as I laid in bed clenching my stomach it occurred to me that while I didn’t lose the 15lbs, I gained self control and the ability to recognize when I am emotionally eating.   That’s worth about 14pds.

I am going to try again. However, this time I am going to make more time to exercise and plan my meals better. 

 Check back to see my progress!

~ Melody

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The O’Diet By Miss Gifford

The O'Diet by Missy Gifford 

The O’diet by Missy Giffor with Center of New Beginning in Lake Oswego, Oregon is a wonderful book. 

Having met Missy personally and seen the results that she has gotten over the years from her 12 week Make over I knew that she was on to something good.  I mean every woman that walked in that door looked AMAZING and felt great 12 weeks later.

I had to buy the book.

This book teaches you all the benefits of eating preservative, organic and pesticide free.  I really did not understand that the preservative and pesticeds that I was consuming in my food was hurting my body so much. However, in the book ” The O’diet” I finally get why eating Organic is so good for you.

Anyways, I have almost finished the book and am anxious to start my 12 weeks.

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Day 22: No sugar diet !~ I want a brownie

Today is day 22 of my No sugar diet and it’s just dragging on and I want a brownie

I  didn’t sleep well so my usual fix is caffeine and sugar and while I can do the caffeine-I really want the sugar. haha!  W hich goes to show that I have eating and stress management issues! 

To be positive,  what I am learning from abstaining from sugar is that I eat sugar when I feel bad or am stressed or am feeling angst.   And this is good to know. Maybe now I can stop my emotional eating, overeating, cycle.

I have been reading  the book ” The O’diet” by Missy Gifford

and have been really interested in the success that she has had with people eating organic, preservative and pesticide free food.

Her theory is that our bodies are like cars and right now we fuel are car with food that is polluted, refined and devoid of nutrients.

This lifestyle of eating healthy foods as always appealed to me, however, my only concern is that I may be unable to eat 100% Organic, preservative and pesticide free food as we live in a very rural area.   Let me finish the book and see how I can make this possible!

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Day 21 of my No Sugar Diet: still only 1 pd weight loss

I have passed up valentines,  a weekend trip with my honey and countless birthday parties and still have only lost 1 pd.   :-(

The problem is me ( Yes, I am the problem)

 My exercise has not been regular and I have been eating more carbs I think to compensate for lack of sugar.   My PMS wasn’t bad and my overall mood has seemed to improve so giving up sugar has had some benefits, just not on the scale.

For the next 2 weeks I plan on exercising, M, T, Thursday 30 min of cardio + weights and Fri -Tennis.

I also will read labels more carefully.  I suspect that my carb choices are loaded with hidden sugars. 

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey of 30days with no sugar~ Melody

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Why do you have to work so hard at eating healthy?

This is my rant.  Why do we have to work so hard at being healthy? Reading labels, checking recall post, and hoping that the manufactures didn’t add ‘hidden’ ingredients.

It’s almost like fighting a battle at the grocery store.  Even if you try to eat healthy buying fresh fruits and veggies-you have to hope that they don’t have dangerous bacteria on them.  Why do we as American consumers allow this to go on?

Eating fresh, healthy foods should be our right.  And it’s a shame that we have spend extra time sorting out what’s good for us and what’s going to cause cancer, hormone deficiencies, diabetes, etc.  It’s wrong really.

Never in our lifetime have so many Americans been on on medicine for diseases that are treatable with Gulp-diet and exercise.

What are the solutions? For the lucky few that live near organic farms, or have markets we can shop there. Others can shop at Whole foods or Wild Oats or other large healthier grocery stores.

 But what about the rest of us? those who are on a budget or live in the boonies (like we do) what are we to do?

 I’d like to hear from you-how do you think that we can get our grocery stores to only carry healthy foods?  That won’t cost you an arm & a leg?

Here are some cool links: http://www.thefutureisorganic.net/index.html


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Day 18-My No Sugar diet is getting easier and easier

Day 18: I am pleased to say that eating no sugar is getting easier and easier for me.  I haven’t lost a lot of weight on the scale but feel a TON better both physically and emotionally.

 Why Emotionally? because I am an emotional eater-yep, I admit it. When I feel bad, in the past I would pop some M&M’s (my vitamins as I called them) and kept going.

Now, since doing a month of no sugar I am getting more intuned with me and my emotions. Which is a foreign concept.

What I am realizing is that I so busy with EVERYTHING else that I don’t realize my own needs. 

Getting in touch with my needs and wants is an awesome feeling and I would encourage everyone to do the same. 

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