Lactose Free medication


This post is more of a sharing my experience vs providing a complete list of lactose free medication, because there really is no way of keeping a lactose free medication list up to date. The pharmacy companies have multiple manufacturers, brands, suppliers and fillers and sell product lines to each other often. It is nearly impossible to keep the data up to date.

I had a abscess tooth and while I tried EVERY natural remedy, garlic, clove oil, salt rinses, etc it just didn’t work. I need an antibiotic.  And since I’m allergic to random things, Amoxcillin was out but here are my tips on how to find lactose free medicine in this jungle that is called our healthcare system.

Here are the things you have to do to find out if the medicine is lactose free.

1. First, work with the right pharmacist. I prefer a small business compounding pharmacist.  Small owned pharmacy’s are NIGHT and day better at addressing the needs of people who need lactose free, gluten free or dye free medicines. The big box companies, Walmart, CVS, Walgreen were useless and down right rude to me on my search for lactose free antibiotics. They wouldn’t even spend 5 minutes explaining the if the products are safe, refused to call my doctor or the manufacturer.  I have switched all my meds back to a small company and won’t be shopping at the box stores any longer because of the experience.  The small owned business however, was helpful, followed up and called to let me know the RX was ready…how refreshing!

2. Call the manufacturer. This is important, especially if you have a life threatening allergy to lactose, caseing, soy, whey.

I called several and they took the time to research. One even called me back to say that indeed there was lactose in their medication.  Erythromycin apparently all have lactose even those it’s not listed in the ingredient deck.  It can hide in ingredients, also the info on is out of date. Abbot company sold the brand to Arbor pharmaceuticels and they added lactose. However, both product insert and the internet list old ingredient decks.

3. Look at different forms. I finally had success finding a dairy free medication when I stopped looking at caps/tabs and switched to a oral suspension form ( at the suggestion of my awesome pharmacist)

For the record, to date- May 2013 Cipro tabs and Cipro Oral suspension are lactose free the brands manufacturer by Bayer. However, their are at least 5 different companies manufacturing Cipro so be sure to check.

4. Don’t expect your dr to know. Sadly, doctor’s are educated by sales reps….so take the ball in your hands and call the manufacturer.

Some resources that I used to research are below. However, it all comes down to calling the companies!  If you have a list, source or info that you want to add – PLEASE leave it in the comment box, we need to help each other navigate this issue.

1. Steve Carpert wrote a book with a list of lactose free products, it’s dated but a start:

2. gfcfdiet.com

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Top 10 Easy Gluten free/Dairy free snack ideas

It’s summer time and it seems like everyone is around more, the kids the dog and us. Hanging out, camping, playing in the water and it leaves us wondering…what’s to eat?

In our house we have a variety of different eating requirments, two of which are gluten free/dairy free due to allergies :(
We also are attempting the SCD/Gaps diet to heal our food allergies.

However, we have some AWESOME snacks that I want to share with you.

1. Sunbutter- We use sunbutter for everything! Sunbutter and apples, sunbutter and chocolate (enjoy life chips), sunbutter and celery we are one sunbutter loving house!

2. Meat roll ups. We use organic brands such as Applegate farms and roll up the meat like little cigars. One of my daughter’s likes it with Veganese mayo and the other does not. I put little toothpicks in them and they snack on those all day.

3. Pancackes. Chocolate chip pancakes to be exact. A few times a week I make chocolate chip pancakes on the griddle and I save the extras. The girls love to munch on those during the day. I admit I use a mix. I love Bob’s Red Mill’s all purpose flour.

4. Fruit- Watermelon, blueberries, cherries. Summertime is awesome for fruit!

5. Homemade juice popsicles. We also like to juice so I will juice a mixture of watermelon, pineapples and freeze those in the popscile molds. They are super yummy on hot days!

6.  Cucumber, pickles and olives. 

What can I say most kids love pickles…olives not so sure but they are happy!

7. Salsa and chips.

Making salsa is super easy. We get a tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro and blend.  It’s great fun for the kids and an easy snack. We save the salsa in mason jars.

8.  Hummus dip

Hummus is the easiest dip in un the world to make. We blend chickpeaswith a little olive oil and garlic and serve.  We serve it with jicama, celery

9.  Popcorn!

We make popcorn way too much. We use an oldfashion popper and make it with coconut oil.  it’s delicious!

10.  Frozen grapes! A wonderful option for a popsicle!

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fat sick and nearly dead diet


After watching Fat, sick and nearly dead I have decided to do the 15 day juice fast diet.  That and seeing my cousin and his wife who did it together. He lost 26 lbsin 15 days on straight juice and she did juicing but 1 meal a day as she is still breast feeding but she lost 6lbs.

Needlesss to say, I was inspired.  So I started the fat sick and nearly dead diet and let me tell you.

DAY 1, Day 2 and Day 3 were harder than heck!  but by Day 4 my face started glowing and I had more energy. :-) and I lost 5 lbs.

My reasons for wanting to the fast were really to start 2012 fresh! and the movie and real life examples inspired me.

I found that I needed to modify the fast as just juicing was not enough for me. I added in the raw fruits and veggies, made some soup of raw veggies and it really helped.

My suggestion if you are going to do the sick fat and nearly dead diet to plug into their website and go raw for a few days before just to get an idea if you like the diet.

Some things you need to get started:

1. A juicer

2. Time- it takes time to juice

3. fiber….trust me on this one

4. lots of fresh fruits and veggies

5. An adventrous soul

6. The mindset make it to day 3 and all will be well :-)

I’ll be posting my favorite juice recipes tomorrow!

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Probiotics may have some benefits for kids

CHICAGO – A leading medical group says there’s some evidence that probiotics, or “good” bacteria, may have limited benefits for certain illnesses in children.

But the group says the science isn’t yet strong enough to advocate infant formulas containing probiotics. And probiotics shouldn’t be given to children who are seriously ill.

That’s according to a new American Academy of Pediatrics report published Monday in the journal, Pediatrics.

About 500 different bacteria live naturally in a healthy human’s intestinal tract, and there’s a growing understanding of the role they play in health. For years, companies have been making claims that their probiotic pills, yogurts, milks and juices help digestive health and the immune system.

The new report summarizes findings from high-quality scientific studies on some of the active ingredients in the products. The report says probiotics taken early during diarrhea from a viral infection may shorten the illness in otherwise healthy children.

And probiotics also may prevent diarrhea in children who are taking antibiotics, which can sometimes cause the condition.

On the other hand, more evidence is needed before AAP can recommend probiotics for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. And there’s not enough evidence for recommending probiotics in pregnant women or infants to prevent eczema or asthma.

Future research may find more benefits, the report says. And “prebiotics,” which contain fiber and other nutrients that feed probiotic bacteria, also may someday prove helpful.

One warning: Children with compromised immune systems or who use intravenous catheters should not receive probiotics because serious infections have been reported.

The bacteria in the products are only helpful if they’re alive, which isn’t always the case.

“Consumers should keep in mind that a large percentage of organisms in a probiotic supplement may die before the product is even purchased and labels can be misleading or incorrect,” said Dr. Tod Cooperman, president of, which tests products and reports on their quality.

The company tested probiotic supplements last year. Two children’s probiotics contained only 7 percent and 21 percent of the listed amounts. Cooperman suggested that products be stored in sealed containers out of heat, light and humidity. He said it’s best to refrigerate them.



American Academy of Pediatrics:

Copyright © 2010 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.

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Dessert – Vegetarian Pumpkin Pie (Makes Six Servings)

Naturally, you can’t have a Thanksgiving meal without a dessert of pumpkin pie. The following recipe will be savored by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Pureed pumpkin (16 ounce can)
Nine inch pie crust (whole grain- dairy free gluten free)
¾ cup soft tofu (silken)
½ cup granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon cinnamon
–Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
–In a food processor, combine the pumpkin with the soft tofu, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon, and mix until smooth.
–Pour the concoction into the crust and bake for approximately 45 minutes.
–Cool the pie before cutting it into wedges and serving it for dessert.

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We love Water bottles at


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40 oz Stainless steel Video Deom

Check out the large 40 oz stainless steel water bottle by New wave enviro. Super easy to use and clean. This water bottle holds 1/2 your days requirement40 oz stainless steel water bottle by New wave enviro Demo

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5 Cheap & Exciting date ideas for Valentines

 Ok so I am still a newlywed, but we have kids so that puts us in the been married at least 5 years category and our dates have been boring!  And with valentines coming up, I was dreading the dinner, flowers, movie routine- so I decided to compile a list of 5 different ideas to try to “spice” up our dating life.

 Cheap & Exciting date idea #1 :  Skip the movie and go to a hotel.  Movies are expensive and you can wait for them to come out on netflix.  Spend the same $50.00 on a hotel, much more fun than watching some one else enjoy life!

#2: Hire a babysitter and go to a drive through movie and act like a teenager again :-)

#3:  Take a walk on the beach or park while holding hands.  As a couple you can talk or say nothing at all but the simple act of holding hands can be wildly refreshing.

#4: Play a sport together.  There is nothing more exciting than playing a game of horse or soccer or touch football.  In addition to the competition ( I am very competitive) the exercise and sweatiness makes the date much more fun.

#5: Send the kids to Grandma’s house or their best friends – Spend the danicing.  Who says you have to go to the “hottest” club to dance, some times your Ipod and living room can do the trick!

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The O’Diet By Miss Gifford

The O'Diet by Missy Gifford 

The O’diet by Missy Giffor with Center of New Beginning in Lake Oswego, Oregon is a wonderful book. 

Having met Missy personally and seen the results that she has gotten over the years from her 12 week Make over I knew that she was on to something good.  I mean every woman that walked in that door looked AMAZING and felt great 12 weeks later.

I had to buy the book.

This book teaches you all the benefits of eating preservative, organic and pesticide free.  I really did not understand that the preservative and pesticeds that I was consuming in my food was hurting my body so much. However, in the book ” The O’diet” I finally get why eating Organic is so good for you.

Anyways, I have almost finished the book and am anxious to start my 12 weeks.

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Why using Plastic Bags is dangerous to the planet-

Recently, I read an article regarding the exurbanite use of plastic bags that we as a world consume and it’s mind boggling-somewhere in the vicinity of 900 per person a year- unbelievable!

 Did you know that plastic bags take up to 1000 years to decompose on land and 450 in the water ?

Speaking of Water- there are more than 100,000 marine animals dying from our plastic bag fetish er uh..convenience.

 Let’s make a change-let’s stop using plastic bags, there are several viable alternatives.

1. Paper- paper is an option that seems viable and easy to do.  Most paper bags are made from recycled paper.  The benefits are that paper bags can be reused and hold more than plastic bags. 

2.  Switch to carrying re-usable canvases/mesh bags.  While I understand that it’s difficult to shop w/kisd and bring your own bags- I think that its a good start. 

Here is My Personal Challenge:  Use Canvas bags for Grocery shopping!

So here is my thought- I am going to try using canvas bags to carry my grocery for 30 day or 4 trips to the grocery store. 

I think that I will need at least 4 large canvas bags to take with my to the store.  Now remember, I have a 2yr  old-so shopping should be a fun experience! I will blog how my alternative to plastics trial goes.

Wish our planet well, one bag at a time! ~Melody

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