Day 22: No sugar diet !~ I want a brownie

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Today is day 22 of my No sugar diet and it’s just dragging on and I want a brownie

I  didn’t sleep well so my usual fix is caffeine and sugar and while I can do the caffeine-I really want the sugar. haha!  W hich goes to show that I have eating and stress management issues! 

To be positive,  what I am learning from abstaining from sugar is that I eat sugar when I feel bad or am stressed or am feeling angst.   And this is good to know. Maybe now I can stop my emotional eating, overeating, cycle.

I have been reading  the book ” The O’diet” by Missy Gifford

and have been really interested in the success that she has had with people eating organic, preservative and pesticide free food.

Her theory is that our bodies are like cars and right now we fuel are car with food that is polluted, refined and devoid of nutrients.

This lifestyle of eating healthy foods as always appealed to me, however, my only concern is that I may be unable to eat 100% Organic, preservative and pesticide free food as we live in a very rural area.   Let me finish the book and see how I can make this possible!

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