Easy Chicken & Chili bean -Gluten & dairy free

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This is a super easy Chicken and Chili bean gluten and dairy free recipe. I made it with left over chicken.

1-Garlic clove

1 can of Northern white beans ( gluten and dairy free)

6oz of chicken, cubed ( I used left overs)

3 tsb of gluten free flour( love bob’s red mill all purpose)

6 tbs of oil-I used olive oil can use Earth’s best vegan butter sticks

8oz of chicken broth ( used beef and it was just as tasty)

1- green zuchinni

1-yellow zuchinni


2 tbs of agave syrup

2 tsp of cumin

2 tbp of Chili powder

In a frying pan saute the onion and garlic in oil for about 4 mins.

Then add the flour, cumin, chili powder and beans and broth.  Stir the flour in first until it begans to thicken then add the powders, beans and broth. Allow to boil and stir frequently.  Lower the temp to simmer and add the chicken.

I then started the rice ( brown rice) but I recommend starting this first as it takes longer.

Once the rice is ready the food is ready to serve!

We topped ours with Salsa and tofutti sour cream! yummy!

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