Looking for an Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles? Look No Further

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I love water bottles! let me say that again…I LOVE water bottles. I keep at least 5 at my desk, 3 in my car and 2 in bag. Seriously. I have every type of water bottle that you could imagine.

I actually started selling water bottles to help pay my way through college. lol.

That said, once this controversy got out over hard plastics I started looking for an alternative to plastic bottles. Which brought forth New Wave enviro’s Stainless steel water bottles and my all time favorite- the corn plastic water bottles.

Not to say that I don’t still drink out of the hard plastic water bottles, because to me the jury is still out. I mean really, the big ‘scare’ on hard plastic was quoting a test where they boiled the bottle for 6 hours straight and then it leached-duh! of course it would leach after being boiled for 6 hours at 212 degrees.

Since I am just as equally concerned about toxins from my lotions, shampoos, deodorants and other personal care products and our food source- I figure what the heck- I ‘ll live dangerously and drink from hard plastic occasionally until told otherwise. lol

However, below are the safest reusable water bottles BPA free that we have found on the market. I think the corn bottle is just neat- if you are interested in living green and want to support products made in the USA-then the corn water bottle is the way to go.

Stainless Steel water bottlesStainless steel water bottles by New Wave Enviro

Corn Plastic Water bottlesCorn Plastic Water bottles by New Wave enviro

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