Lunchopolis lunch boxes a must for back to school

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Lots of parents dropped of their kiddos for the first day of school today!Some with our “brown bagging” it some are buying school lunches.

For those parents that are sending their kids back to school with lunch boxes, we have a nifty suggestion on lunch boxes.

Lunchopolis lunch box is absolutely the best!  It is a self contained all in one lunch boxes. It works well for kids and adults but we will focus on lunch boxes for kids.

5 reasons we love the Lunchopolis lunch boxes

1. The lunchopolis has 4 matching containers.2 large food containers that fit the main meal ( see our 10 easy  lunch suggestions) and 2 smaller ones for snack type food. and a matching 15oz BPA free water bottle.

2. Lunchopolis lunch boxes saves money. The lunch box eliminates the need for baggies, foil, saran wrap, etc.

3. The lunch box is durable, we have been lovely using ( yeah right) a pink lunchopolis for a year. I have left it in my hot car over the weekend, hand washed the dishes and threw the lunch box it’self into the washer and dryer with no ill effects. My now kindergartner takes her lunch box to school everyday with no complaints.

4.  Lunch boxes for kids.  My daughter who is 5 thinks her lunch box is the coolest thing and is happy to bring it to school. The brown and blue are nice colors as well. I carry the blue one to work everyday.

5.  Easy to clean– all you have to do is wipe the box down with a damp cloth or throw it into the laundry. They containers are top shelf dishwasher safe and or can be washed out by hand.

Watch the video demonstration on the lunchopolis video here:

Lunchopolis lunch box

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