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Hi All,

It’s been over 1 year since I mysteriously developed milk allergies and I have to say that it was a tough hard year but I really enjoy living dairy free.

The Food allergy was a total surprise.  At the age of 30 to develop such a life threatening food allergy seemed strange.  But I am glad that I did and here is why:  It gave me a chance to slow down and think about my life.

I’ve learned to cook new and exciting dishes, which in turn has made me and my family healthier people and a closer family.  I’ve learned a ton about nutrition and how our bodies worked and I’ve discovered and enjoyed dairy free chocolate ( lots of it.)  The other great thing is that I don’t even have to try to lose weight! the only down side is that it’s not easy to eat out and my guest think it’s a little strange but I don’t care.

Dairy free living has opened up my world, even though on the onset it seems like my world would have gotten smaller.

Ironically, my allergies have been medically “cured” I had a baby ( was trying for a year) and after her birth I went to my allergiest who did 2 skin test, a Rast test and had me drink milk in his office to proof that I was no longer allergic.

I didn’t go back to dairy, although I took more liberties in my diet and added goat milk.  a few months into a looser lifestyle I began to have reactions again.

My nutritionsit says that there is hope. As it is rare for some one with life threatening allergies to ever go backwards, meaning that my cyclic allergies are trying to heal it’s self.  So with some more work and prayers  I believe that the dairy allergy that appeared can go away ( and has.)

Even when I am totally healed I won’t put dairy back in my diet. Not when there are so many fantastic alternatives.

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

I will write more post about what I have done to be restored of food allergies

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