Oh yum! A nut free way to do apples & no peanut butter

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In our family we are nut free. Not that we are allergic but since we have so many other food allergies, I just like to live on the safe side :-)

Here is the best nut free peanut substitute on the market:

Sunbutter! Oh goodness I live by that stuff. You can buy it at target or my favorite on line shoppe is


Here is the simple recipe:

Take 1 organic apple

and 2 tsp of sunbutter

dip the apple and enjoy!

A healthy gluten free-dairy free-tree nut free but not taste free snack!

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2 Responses to “Oh yum! A nut free way to do apples & no peanut butter”

  1. sunbutterelizabeth Says:

    Thanks for the mention. As a blogger for SunButter, we’re always interested in simple recipes, and yours wins!
    If you’re interested in other recipes, here’s our collection: http://bit.ly/9Pm79a

  2. admin Says:


    Thanks for the reply. I love sunbutter! I will post all day long about it!

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