Reusable Lunch Boxes: An Eco-Friendly Way to Keep the Environment Clean

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Whether you need a lunch box for school or work, Lunchopolis has a line of lunch boxes that are nicely styled and eco-friendly too.

These lead-free, BPA-free and garbage-free lunch boxes are made of plastic that is safe and healthy to use. Therefore, they reduce the waste associated with using baggies and plastic bags.

You can choose from a number of colors, including brown with blue piping with plastic, reusable containers, pink with red piping with pink containers or blue with lime green piping with blue reusable containers. In addition, the bags feature an insulated interior to ensure that your foods stay warm or cold too.

As mentioned, each lunch box comes with a set of safe, plastic #5 food-grade containers. The set includes a large container for, say, a sandwich, a slightly smaller container for salads or fruit and two small-sized containers for a myriad of treats, such as cookies, cake or brownies.

The lunch boxes are also outfitted with a 15-oz. matching water bottle that has a flip-top with built-in straw to reduce spillage.

Artisian designed Eco Fab lunch Boxes

reusbale lunch boxes

reusbale lunch boxes

Another reusable lunch box is the sak lunch box, or the Eco Fab Lunch Box. Handcrafted with an artisan design of flowers, each sak lunch box includes plates and utensils. The 7” Bambu brand plate is a reusable bamboo plate that comes with a Bambu spork (spoon/fork combination) or spoon, fork and knife. A matching 10” x 10” organic napkin displaying the artisan created lunch design on the sak completes the “green” lunch box set.

If you so wish, you can accessorize by including a , such as the New Wave Enviro steel container, with this lunch box set. The steel container is large enough to hold sandwiches or salads and is made from

Add a filtered water bottle to the bamboo bag with stainless steel container as well. A good choice is the 12 oz. stainless steel water bottle by New Wave Enviro, also made of 304 grade stainless steel. Include the stainless steel triangle cap, sold separately, and you’ll have all the “fixings” needed to carry a healthy and nutitious lunch.

The above brands are good choices if you want to select a product that is safe for your family to use. Made with recyclable or 100% organic materials, they’re good for the environment too.

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