Stress- 5 minutes of peace can help!

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StressStressSometimes life can be so stressful!

I am becoming a true believer in meditation.  Call it what you like, I call it: prayer, meditation, quiet time, regrouping, centering etc. There truly is nothing that a little bit of quiet, peaceful time alone can’t help.

Whether it’s stress from work, relationships, finances, or parenting, 5 minutes to get centered can do wonders.

To be still, to breathe. Whatever you call your “higher power”, take some time today to go to your happy place.

Take a walk, watch a sunrise or sunset, turn off the radio in the car, or take a bath, whatever your life allows, the benefits will outweigh the 5-10 minutes you “lose” doing whatever it is that keeps you busy.

Gotta run, going to take a walk on the beach!

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