The O’Diet By Miss Gifford

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The O'Diet by Missy Gifford 

The O’diet by Missy Giffor with Center of New Beginning in Lake Oswego, Oregon is a wonderful book. 

Having met Missy personally and seen the results that she has gotten over the years from her 12 week Make over I knew that she was on to something good.  I mean every woman that walked in that door looked AMAZING and felt great 12 weeks later.

I had to buy the book.

This book teaches you all the benefits of eating preservative, organic and pesticide free.  I really did not understand that the preservative and pesticeds that I was consuming in my food was hurting my body so much. However, in the book ” The O’diet” I finally get why eating Organic is so good for you.

Anyways, I have almost finished the book and am anxious to start my 12 weeks.

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