Thinksport: The Perfect Brand to Choose When it Comes to Keeping Your Water Cold

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Steel Water Bottles with Single Steel Wall Construction

There are a number of well-regarded brands that feature safe, BPA-free stainless steel water bottles that can be used for water or a flavored drink, such as iced tea. For example, Ecousable features the Ech20 line of stainless steel water bottles. These bottles though are primarily designed to hold water and filter out impurities (they do a good job too as they remove about 99% of contaminants found in local water supplies) and are not made to hold beverages such as hot tea or coffee. Therefore, the single-walled construction of steel water bottles manufactured by brands, such as Ecousable or New Wave Enviro are better suited for mainly holding water while you’re at work or when you’re at the gym.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles by Thinksport

If you want a bottle though that can hold hot or cold beverages and is practically indestructible, then Thinksport makes insulated stainless steel water bottles that meet these particular requirements. Thinksport is a well-respected brand as it was one of the first manufacturers to offer stainless steel water bottles in the marketplace.


What is nice about the Thinksport steel bottle is that its double-walled construction insulates beverages so cold beverages stay cold and hot beverages stay hot with the bottle staying free of condensation that normally forms on the outside. In addition, the bottle’s double mesh filter keeps tea leaves or ice at bay so you won’t be hampered while trying to drink such beverages as herbal or iced tea.


The insulated stainless steel water bottles that Thinksport offers come in a small 12-oz. size and a large 25-oz. size. You can choose from either a black or a silver-colored bottle, both ergonomically designed for easy gripping.

The Healthier Alternative

Instead of opting for water bottles made of harmful grade plastics,  choosing any of the insulated stainless steel water bottles made by Thinksport is a far safer alternative for not only consuming water but any other beverages you may enjoy, such as herbal tea, coffee or cocoa.

Making the World a Safer Place

By producing BPA-free and eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles, Thinksport is addressing an ongoing health concern.  The bottles made by Thinksport are manufactured with FDA-approved stainless steel and therefore are superior bottles to use as they won’t leach out many of the harmful toxins that bottles made with certain plastics can.

If you’re seeking a brand that is reliable and sells insulated stainless steel water bottles that are of the highest grade, then you don’t have to venture any further than the Thinksport brand name.

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