Top 10 Easy Gluten free/Dairy free snack ideas

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It’s summer time and it seems like everyone is around more, the kids the dog and us. Hanging out, camping, playing in the water and it leaves us wondering…what’s to eat?

In our house we have a variety of different eating requirments, two of which are gluten free/dairy free due to allergies :(
We also are attempting the SCD/Gaps diet to heal our food allergies.

However, we have some AWESOME snacks that I want to share with you.

1. Sunbutter- We use sunbutter for everything! Sunbutter and apples, sunbutter and chocolate (enjoy life chips), sunbutter and celery we are one sunbutter loving house!

2. Meat roll ups. We use organic brands such as Applegate farms and roll up the meat like little cigars. One of my daughter’s likes it with Veganese mayo and the other does not. I put little toothpicks in them and they snack on those all day.

3. Pancackes. Chocolate chip pancakes to be exact. A few times a week I make chocolate chip pancakes on the griddle and I save the extras. The girls love to munch on those during the day. I admit I use a mix. I love Bob’s Red Mill’s all purpose flour.

4. Fruit- Watermelon, blueberries, cherries. Summertime is awesome for fruit!

5. Homemade juice popsicles. We also like to juice so I will juice a mixture of watermelon, pineapples and freeze those in the popscile molds. They are super yummy on hot days!

6.  Cucumber, pickles and olives. 

What can I say most kids love pickles…olives not so sure but they are happy!

7. Salsa and chips.

Making salsa is super easy. We get a tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro and blend.  It’s great fun for the kids and an easy snack. We save the salsa in mason jars.

8.  Hummus dip

Hummus is the easiest dip in un the world to make. We blend chickpeaswith a little olive oil and garlic and serve.  We serve it with jicama, celery

9.  Popcorn!

We make popcorn way too much. We use an oldfashion popper and make it with coconut oil.  it’s delicious!

10.  Frozen grapes! A wonderful option for a popsicle!

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