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Vapur water bottle

Vapur water bottle

Traveling this winter? Hate throwing away unused or partially empty single use water bottles?

Did you know that the Vapur bottle is the perfect water bottle for travel.

Don’t you hate when you buy a water bottle and have to throw it away at the gate or worse at security?  We understand the logic but we cringe every time we see waste. That’s why we are so thankful for the Vapur water bottles.

If you need a water bottle that is portable and folds up readily when you are through using it, then the Vapur anti-water bottle is the answer.

1. The vapur bottle is portable,
so you can fill it up at home or at the airport once you’ve made it through the gate

Vapur water bottle on purse

Vapur water bottle on purse

2. The Vapur bottle is foldable and does not take a lot of room.  It’s flat and foldable so no need to carry bulky reusbale water bottles as the vapur bottle is a better choice due to it’s compactness.

3. The Vapur water bottle is BPA free and made in the USA

This bottle, which comes in such colorful hues such as green, purple, blue, and pink as well as a more subdued shade of smoke, can be easily transported in your pocket, glove compartment or purse whenever it’s not being making the Vapur bottle the perfect choice for travel!

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