Vapur bottles the perfect choice for travel

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Travel Made Easy: Using the Vapur Bottles  the Perfect Choice for Travel

Vapur bottles are Easily Portable

Vapur bottles

Vapur bottles

Travelling this holiday season? Tired of Throwing away unused water bottles?

If you need a water bottle that is portable and folds up readily when you are through using it, then the Vapur bottles are an ideal choice. The Vapur bottle folds up once you are done using it. So no more hurry up and drink at the airport gate!

It’s simple, empty the vapur bottle, roll it up and throw it in your carry on and you feel good about NOT throwing away an unused water bottle and you have a bottle to use on the other side of security.

Not to mention the vapur water bottles is BPA free and FDA approved! Safe Travels! And enjoy your holidays!

You can purchase these one of a kind water bottles either at

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