What can we do to ensure the safety of our drinking water?

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Clean Drinking WaterClean Drinking Water  Clean Drinking Water

What can we do to ensure the safety of our Drinking water?

5 helpful tips that YOU can do today to ensure that you & your family clean drinking water

  1. Proper disposal of Prescription drugs. 

The US govt put out a fact sheet on how to properly dispose of RX drugs.  Read it and apply the steps.


 2.  Be aware of the type of Personal Care products that you are using this includes:

Make sure that they contain paraben free, sulfate free ingredients. It stinks, but read the label.

3.      Check out the Safety of your Local drinking water here


4.      Use filter water whenever possible.  

  If it’s more feasible buy, the Corn water bottles with filters so that when you fill  up at a water filter at least it’s safer.

•5.      Oh, yeah and use less prescription medicine if possible. 

Do your part to ensure that we have clean drinking water

~ Melody


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