Why do you have to work so hard at eating healthy?

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This is my rant.  Why do we have to work so hard at being healthy? Reading labels, checking recall post, and hoping that the manufactures didn’t add ‘hidden’ ingredients.

It’s almost like fighting a battle at the grocery store.  Even if you try to eat healthy buying fresh fruits and veggies-you have to hope that they don’t have dangerous bacteria on them.  Why do we as American consumers allow this to go on?

Eating fresh, healthy foods should be our right.  And it’s a shame that we have spend extra time sorting out what’s good for us and what’s going to cause cancer, hormone deficiencies, diabetes, etc.  It’s wrong really.

Never in our lifetime have so many Americans been on on medicine for diseases that are treatable with Gulp-diet and exercise.

What are the solutions? For the lucky few that live near organic farms, or have markets we can shop there. Others can shop at Whole foods or Wild Oats or other large healthier grocery stores.

 But what about the rest of us? those who are on a budget or live in the boonies (like we do) what are we to do?

 I’d like to hear from you-how do you think that we can get our grocery stores to only carry healthy foods?  That won’t cost you an arm & a leg?

Here are some cool links: http://www.thefutureisorganic.net/index.html


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