Why using Plastic Bags is dangerous to the planet-

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Recently, I read an article regarding the exurbanite use of plastic bags that we as a world consume and it’s mind boggling-somewhere in the vicinity of 900 per person a year- unbelievable!

 Did you know that plastic bags take up to 1000 years to decompose on land and 450 in the water ?

Speaking of Water- there are more than 100,000 marine animals dying from our plastic bag fetish er uh..convenience.

 Let’s make a change-let’s stop using plastic bags, there are several viable alternatives.

1. Paper- paper is an option that seems viable and easy to do.  Most paper bags are made from recycled paper.  The benefits are that paper bags can be reused and hold more than plastic bags. 

2.  Switch to carrying re-usable canvases/mesh bags.  While I understand that it’s difficult to shop w/kisd and bring your own bags- I think that its a good start. 

Here is My Personal Challenge:  Use Canvas bags for Grocery shopping!

So here is my thought- I am going to try using canvas bags to carry my grocery for 30 day or 4 trips to the grocery store. 

I think that I will need at least 4 large canvas bags to take with my to the store.  Now remember, I have a 2yr  old-so shopping should be a fun experience! I will blog how my alternative to plastics trial goes.

Wish our planet well, one bag at a time! ~Melody

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