Guide to buying an ice maker

Countertop ice makers are by and large all the same on the inside, including Frigidaire’s EFIC108 But unlike many others within its price range, it can produce two different sizes of ice cubes. The current standards for automatic commercial ice-making equipment cover maximum energy use and maximum condenser water use of cube ice machines with harvest rates between 50 and 2,500 lb of ice per day. Most ice makers produce ice in batches, making nine or 12 cubes at a time. If you just want to skip to buying the most popular ice makers visit

Ice making ability: The ice makers we tested were supposed to be able to produce 26 pounds of ice per day (28 pounds for the NewAir) We compared the actual production by adding 8 cups of water to each ice maker and timed how long it took to make both large and small ice capsules. In case your device produces too small sized ice cubes sizes it may be as a result of water obstruction on the supply valve. Modern portable ice makers have electronic controls which allow you to customize your ice cubes sizes from small, medium and large.

Some produce crescent-shaped ice like the ice from a freezer icemaker; the ice is cloudy and opaque instead of clear, because the water is frozen faster than in others which are clear cube icemakers. Unlike other machines on this list, the Sentern Ice Maker only produces cubes—not bullet shaped ice. Marvel offers two types of ice making appliances: clear ice makers, that make practically perfect cubes that won’t degrade your fine spirits, and crescent ice makers that don’t require a pump or drain.

The only model that made more ice in that time was the NewAir AI-215 , which is twice the size, double the cost, and produces 12 cubes per batch rather than nine. Ice makers and machines are extremely convenient appliances that provide a large supply of ice whenever you need it — whether for the big game, a special celebration, or a family picnic. This latest model ice maker stores up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time and has a 2.3 Quart reservoir with water proof touch screen This counter-top ice machine features a compressor cooling system and operates at low noise.

A portable ice maker ensures you enjoy fresh and crispy ice cubes anywhere anytime. Modern ice makers have advanced features which allow you to not only enjoy fresh ice cubes but also have the freedom to customize the size. With this portable ice maker from Think Gizmos, you can prepare your desired ice cubes in about six minutes.

Whether you are out camping, on your boat, or in a party, this ice maker will ensure you have your preferred sized ice cubes anytime anywhere. Della Portable Ice Maker is affordable, handy with two easy to customize ice cube size functions making it our budget pick. ENERGY STAR certified batch-type ice makers are about 10 percent more energy efficient and 20 percent more water efficient when compared with standard models.

Whether you prefer to make a lot of ice ahead of time or want a constant supply flowing will determine how important speed is. Some machines can supply the first ice quickly, so you can get the party started, but if you don’t have sufficient storage space for ice, it’s wise to get an ice maker that can keep up with hourly demand. You can choose from small, medium, or large cubes by adjusting the cooling time, and depending on the size you choose the first batch of ice will be done in about 15 minutes. It can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day, or about nine ice bullets every seven minutes, so you’ll have a constant supply of fresh ice for your next dinner party or barbecue.

The Sub-Zero 15” Undercounter Ice Machine ensures that you’ll never have to. It is a high-volume ice machine that produces up to 50 pounds of ice per day, and stores 25 pounds at a time. Used 2008 GE Profile ENERGY STAR® 22.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator “Great Condition” We bought a new fridge with an ice maker/water dispenser. Items such as LAMBER Dish Machines, BREMA Ice Makers, ORVED Vacuum Sealing Machines, KRAMPOUZ Crepe & Waffle makers or EURODIB Private Labeled products: Mixers, Slicers, Wine Cellars… Also, take a look at our various line of Decoration Tools from BRON COUCKE and Triangle, Cookware from APPOLIA, DEBUYER, Baking Molds from SILIKOMART and more… We are confident you will find something for all your foodservice needs!

Poor water flow will greatly affect how your ice maker produces ice cubes. ENERGY STAR-qualified automatic commercial ice machines are on average 15 percent more energy efficient and 10 percent more water efficient than standard models. This KitchenAid® 15″ automatic ice maker features the Clear Ice Technology which provides a uniform 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″ size and shape of ice cubes.. Read More.

The EFIC108’s relatively small size is a good thing, because compact ice makers are easier to move around, make ice faster, and keep the ice colder than big machines. Most portable ice makers freeze cubes (or bullets) in batches. (Most models make the same size of bullet-shaped ice.) The Frigidaire also takes up less counter space than most portable ice makers, and it’s lighter and easier to lift.

Like the units we tested, the ThinkGizmos worked best when making small ice cubes even though it produced the least amount of ice (22.4 pounds per day). Most portable ice makers drain from the bottom, but the NewAir drains from the side, so we had to tilt the machine to drain out all of the water. Generally, portable ice makers produce 1.5 to 2 pounds per hour at which point, the ice tray needs to be emptied for another batch of ice can be made.

For continuous-type ice makers, ENERGY STAR certified machines save, on average about 1500kWh annually, or $160/year on utility bills. An ENERGY STAR certified commercial ice machine or ice maker uses 15% less energy and is 23% more water efficient, on average, than a standard model. This compact machine is a powerhouse, boasting a 2.2-litre water reservoir and capacity to produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day.

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