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Rather than a single line of v-shaped cutting blades, though, shavers are a hole-filled foil” of metal that can press safely against your skin and a blade inside that snips off hairs that poke through. At the top, its shaver head is equipped with three razors and a skin guard attachment that work together in the classic Braun way of ensuring that the machine shaves off more hair with fewer strokes. Get the scoop on the best shavers according to buyers at

Also, an electric shaver works best on short hair, so when using it for the first time it would be a good idea to use a trimmer (even the long hair trimmer on the shaver will do) to reduce the length of the hairs prior to shaving. Braun shavers, particularly the Series 9, but also the 7 and 5 are generally more comfortable and suitable for sensitive skin and they work better on a 2 or 3 days beard compared to any Panasonic. This is made worse by the very low speed at which the blades rotate (less than 1000 RPM compared to 10 000 – 14 000 CPM in the case of most foil shavers), increasing the chances of hairs getting pulled, so you must really take your time and don’t rush through a stroke.

Since the main advantages of foil shavers are the closeness and comfort of the shave, we can easily guess the main disadvantages of rotary razors. The very thin foil screens allow a closer shave and because the inner blades oscillate at a much higher speed compared to a rotary shaver, there are fewer chances of pinching or pulling the hairs, which usually results in a smoother, gentler shave. The SH30/52 replacement shaving heads cost about the same as the foils and blades of other entry-level shavers like the Series 3 and Arc 3.

This Panasonic razor is an excellent choice for beginners because it’s dead easy to clean and to operate, it’s fully waterproof, the shaving head is quite slim and nimble and the shavers themselves can really take a beating. Rotary razors are often considered to be better for coarse facial hair compared to foil shavers. While the Panasonic ES-LA63-S is a really good shaver, the bulky shaving head could be an issue for some users, especially for someone getting an electric razor for the first time.

I can confidently say that an Arc 4 is the closest shaving electric razor in this price range — I’m talking about the mid-range segment with shavers like the solo Series 7, Series 5 or the Philips Norelco 8900. And finally, if you have a light beard or you’re just getting started with electric shavers, an ES-LV65-S with a whopping 5 blades and a massive shaving head is probably too much. The only razors that can match it in these situations are Norelco’s advanced rotary shavers, like the 9300/9700 and the latest Series 9000 Prestige , but those aren’t as comfortable nor do they shave as close — at least that was my experience with them.

Favouring a rotary-style shaving head over a more traditional foil option, this Philips aims to get shot of stray hairs at the first time of asking. The foils and circular heads of electric razors keep your skin and the cutting mechanism from achieving contact, making it impossible for them to shave as close as a blade.” That said, we don’t recommend shaving with an electric razor in the shower, since electric shavers work better on a dry face All of the Series 7 models are now similar in price; if you can’t find the 760cc , go with the 790cc or the 7865cc (or whichever model is the least expensive—prices can vary widely).

In theory, the higher end shavers like the Braun series 9 will be able to do a good job shaving your head (not as close as a blade though). Unlike the other electric shavers, this razor utilizes three, rounded blades to create a close, clean shave. One of the benefits of this rotary shaver over foil razors is that the pressure distribution around the face, due to the pivoting 3 heads, is largely equalized, which can minimize irritation and inflammation when shaving.

Dedicated users of electric shavers know there are two sub-groups among their number: those who prefer foil shavers and those who swear by rotary razors. Choosing an excellent electric razor is a process that should be guided by a number of important factors including comfort, ease of cleaning, the closeness of the shave provided, shaving performance, overall value for the manufacturer’s asking price, and durability. Those who prefer the quick and easy shave they get from an electric razor, find it’s easy to be confounded when trying to choose from the hundreds of models now on the market: two, three, four or five blades; foil or rotary; wet/dry, precision heads, flex motion – there’s no way to sort through all of the competing ad claims and confusing descriptions without trying them all.

Not all electric razors can handle the double duty of shaving whiskers and scalp hair, but the Panasonic ES8243A – which is the first shaver listed in our reviews above – is up to the task. While rotary razors adjust to the contours of your face and are easier to maneuver during the shaving process, they’re not as kind to your face as foil shavers. We had the king of foil shavers, now it’s time to look at the emperor sitting on the rotary electric razor throne.

When you use this electric shaver, the foil normally captures the hairs with its holes and cuts very close to the skin. #11 Best for the neck – Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men, ARC4, Wet/Dry with 4 Blades and Flexible Pivoting Head ES8243A: Well, if you are still using razors or blades, you may not understand this, but, with a good electric shaver, this is all achievable, because they are designed to cut even the tiniest of hairs from your body.

The Braun Series 7 760cc-4 is an electric foil shaving shaving system that Braun promises will shave off in one stroke what other shavers do in two. The Braun Series 9-9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver comes in a shiny silver metal foil-style shaver, with a black cleaning centre that makes the chore of maintenance much simpler. Braun series 9 9095cc has all of the features of 790cc and it also has the Wet&Dry technology, which helps the user to use this electric shaver either on dry skin or with shaving gel for sensitive skin.

Rotary shavers are the most likely to have this kind of pivoting head, which makes sense for the imprecise circular shaving style these razors allow. Most wet/dry shavers can also be used with shaving cream, but some companies advise against it. It can sometimes gunk up the you have sensitive skin, a wet shave with an electric shaver might just be the solution.

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