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Lunchopolis-Blue lunch boxes for kids

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Ready for Back to school: Out of stock-on order kids lunch boxes Blue insulated lunch box by Lunchopolis. cute lunch boxesEco friendly lunch boxes are designed to reduce trash. healthy lunch boxes lunch boxes are earth friendly.

Each healthy lunch boxes contains the following:

  • 4-re-usable containers- made from safe BPA food grade #5 plastic
  • 1-15 oz BPA free water bottles for the healthy lunch box
  • Insulated lunch box-Perfect for children, kids & audults!
  • soft lunch boxes and cute lunc box

    The insulated lead free lunch boxes are perfect for back to school +lunch boxes. no more plastic baggies or waste!

    In stock on August 25th!
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    Why We Love It

    kids lunch boxes cool and unique lunch boxes are perfect for back-to-school + lunch boxes. Both audults, adults will love these insulated lunch boxes. Earth friendly lunch boxes will please both your desire to be green and cute!

    Each healthy lunch boxes contains:
  • 4- re-usable food containers
  • (1)- 15oz water bottle made from BPA free safe #5 plastic
  • The best insulated lunch box and soft lunch box
  • kids lunch boxes Your kids will love! Unique, easy to use and easy to carry lunch boxes. Healthy lunch boxes you will sending them off knowing that they are being apart of the solution for the earth!

    Manufacture: Lunchopolis