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What is the cause of the epidemic for increased facial hair for women?

According to Dr. John Lee, women in today's highly industrial environment and our super competitive fast as lightening lifestyles creates an environment filled with toxins, stress and a lack of support that our bodies need to survive and thrive.

Women are constantly exposed to the direct effects of a poor diet, high stress levels, pollutants and progesterone deficiency. These factors leave women burned out, stressed -out and frustrated. The last thing that we want to deal with is facial hair, gross!

The huge increase in facial hair for women is directly tied to our hormonal imbalances, diet, and environment.

In women, especially near menopause age as the ovary functions slow down then there can be more DHEA or androgens produced thus causing an increase in facial hair or hirsutism.

As the woman begins to produce more androgens rather than estrogens she may begin to experience an increase in facial hair.

Yet still, because of our highly processed foods, excess sugar and caffeine intake facial hair growth affects women of all ages. No one is immune to it in our society today.

How does Natural progesterone help with facial hair?

Sarati's Natural Progesterone cream can help restore a woman's hormone levels back to the proper levels. Effectively reducing the amount of facial hair.

How does is work? When women are experiencing excessive or Estrogen dominant symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flashes, irrability, and weight gain they may simultaneously be experiencing an increase in Testosterone.

The natural progesterone cream is effective at restoring the balance of natural progesterone levels and opposing estrogen dominance effects such as facial hair growth.

Get your hormone levels tested, today.

Why should you test your hormone levels? Testing your hormone levels allows you to know exactly where your current levels are and what you need to do to correct them. By testing your hormone levels it allows you to be effective with your treatment for hormonal rebalancing. It takes the guess work out of the equation and allows you to know exactly which products will help you the best, you are no longer shooting in the dark with your health.

The Saliva testing method is extraordinarily effective and affordable. For $59.95 you can test two hormone levels and get an accurate results from a trusted laboratory. Dr. Zava in Portland, Oregon has been a leading authority on saliva testing for over a decade. It is money well spent.

In addition to using natural progesterone cream, there should also be significant changes in your diet, exercise and sleeping patterns. The diet needs to contain unprocessed whole fresh foods, with brown grains, nothing white in color. No white sugar, white rice, white bread, or white cream.

Drink plenty of clean water and consume less caffeine such as teas, colas and coffee. Cut out your simple sugars such as cakes, cookies, and pies and replace them with whole fruits and other complex sugars it will benefit you significantly.

It goes unsaid, but worth saying again: Quit smoking. Right now.

Focus on exercising, not just for appearances and to lose weight but to increase endurance and performance. Most important, however, is to ensure that you are receiving adequate rest. That means 7.5-8 hours of rest every night. To ensure adequate rest, wake up and go to sleep at a regular time every night including weekends.

All of these things together will help rebalance your hormones and decrease your facial hair.

Get Rebalanced today, try natural progesterone cream.

Facial Hair removal options:

Shaving: not really recommended as it can cause the facial hair to grow back quickly and thicker. It can work in conjunction with laser hair removal treatment but I still would not recommend it as an effective method.

Waxing: Probably the best temporary hair removal solution. It can be painful to administer yourself, however, it is tolerable. A visit to the salon can cost anywhere from $8.00- $20.00 per area depending on the salon and your living area. The hair grows back softer and often times takes longer to grow back than shaving or plucking.

Plucking: a No no, it causes the hair to grow back thicker, coarser and much more frequently. However, it is a quick and easy method if you are in a hurry.

Depilatory creams:
Temporary. This option is okay. Some creams can be very messy and cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. It is sometimes more affordable than waxing, laser or electrolysis.

Electrolysis: Truly, the only permanent way to remove facial hair. It is very expensive over the long run, an average session is $40.00 and most people must commit to a once a week treatment for about 1 year. That's about $480.00.
Home electrolysis: There is one kit that the FDA has approved called, One-touch available from $35.00- $65.00. It is not painful, just time consuming you have to sit still for about an hour to get just a few hairs done.

Laser treatment: For permanent reduction laser treatment is a good option, it is best on women that are dark haired with light skin. It still may work on you if you do not fit the average description. Most women require anywhere from 4-8 session because the hair grows back at different rates. The only downfall is the price.

Vaniqua: requires a prescription from your physician. It is a cream that inhibits the regrowth of hair. It can be used in conjunction with any of the temporary methods.
Expensive but worth it for more information go to

Get Rebalanced today. Buy natural progesterone cream.

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