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Let's talk about Sex: Menopause and a low libido

" You are in complete and total charge of your life and happiness, and that includes your sexual happiness."-Suzanne Somers, The Sexy Years

Why does Menopause cause a low sex drive? During Menopause your estrogen levels decline to such a negligible level that you begin to experience all of the all too familiar symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, itchy skin, vaginal dryness, sleepless nights, memory loss or foggy thinking and most importantly the loss of interest in sex.

Why does all of this happen? Because Estrogen is your primary sex hormone and after menopause, estrogen is no longer being produced at a normal rate and the lack of estrogen causes all of the symptoms listed above. This is especially true for women who have had either a hysterectomies (even if the ovaries were left in) or an oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries)

In addition, while your estrogen levels are dropping simultaneously your testosterone levels are dropping. Why is testosterone important? Even though Estrogen is a woman's primary sex hormone, testosterone plays an important role as well in a woman's sex drive. It is all about the balance. One cannot have the Yin without the Yang and still function normally.

Could low testosterone levels be to blame?

Women who experience low testosterone levels present with most of the following symptoms:

It is easy to confuse these vague and non-specific symptoms with life. Financial stress, work stress, family stress could easily contribute to any of these symptoms.

However, women that are menopausal, post-menopausal or in surgical menopause (hysterectomy) and who are on some sort of HRT therapy and still not getting relief from hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue and diminished sex drive probably are experiencing low testosterone levels.

Testosterone Explained

As a woman ages her hormone levels decline. Including her estradiol level and her testosterone level, both of these hormones are vital to a woman's sex drive. Without normal Estrogen levels a woman will experience vaginal dryness, atrophic vaginistis (thinning of the vaginal walls) all of which makes sex very painful. Meanwhile, their testosterone levels are declining causing their desire for sex or libido to decline as well.

Normal testosterone levels for a postmenopausal woman are between 7 to 40ng/dL.

Normal testosterone levels for a premenopausal woman are between 10 and 55 ng/DL.
Testosterone in the body is controlled by (SHBG) or the sex hormone binding globulin and estrogen. When your testosterone is bound up or unavailable, it results in the decreased amount of free testosterone available in your body.

Free testosterone is important because it is unbound and biologically active in the body. Without enough free testosterone in the body any woman will experience a decreased libido.

What should you do? Get your hormone levels tested and get rebalanced!

Test your testosterone levels (including your Free testosterone levels) and your estradiol levels.

It is possible to have normal Testosterone levels and still have your free testosterone levels below normal. If the test indicates that you are low in testosterone or you suspect that you are low than you need to supplement your hormone replacement therapy with DHEA, a natural testosterone boosting gel.

Benefits of DHEA:

  • Increases your libido, naturally
  • Decreased fatigue, so that you can be awake for sex!
  • Increased vigor
  • Less hot flashes
  • Better sleep
  • Increased sex drive "Can be used as a topical clitoris stimulator, apply 45 minutes prior to sex

Also, many women who have low testosterone levels often times have low estradiol levels. This can easily be corrected with Estro-all, a phyto-estrogen cream.

If your test indicates low progesterone levels, than use Natural progesterone cream.

If you do not want to wait until your hormone levels to get rebalanced to enjoy sex, then use Fempower, a topical clitoris stimulating gel. Fempower creates a warm and tingling sensation when applied to the clitoris. Many women love this product!

Case study: Josie, a 66 year old woman who had a hysterectomy

Josie, a vibrant recently retired MD began taking Premarin 10 years ago when she had her hysterectomy. She began to notice a decreased interest in sex when I met her. She had just recently begun to wean herself off of Premarin and started using the Natural progesterone cream.

She was complaining of not only having a decreased interest in sex, but that sex was painful for her now. She said that her vagina felt dry and that made sex painful making her no longer interested in sex. However, her husband still wanted to have sex and so she felt desperate to do something. She also began to have hot flashes again. In the past Josie had used Avlimil without much success.

We suspected that the natural progesterone cream wasn't helping her and that she needed the Estro-all, a phyto-estrogen cream. Josie's next step was to get her hormone levels tested with a saliva test. The saliva test results showed that she had an extremely high progesterone levels, and very low estradiol levels and almost no testosterone in her body. All of which would explain her recent returns to hot flashes and decreased interest in sex, and painful intercourse.

She immediately began Estro-All, a Phyto estrogen cream to raise her Estradiol levels, DHEA, a natural testosterone boosting gel to raise her almost non-existent testosterone levels and Fempower, a female clitoris stimulator to get her excited about her upcoming vacation with her husband to the Virgin Islands.

Recently, she emailed me while on her vacation reporting that she was now experiencing less vaginal dryness and intercourse was no longer painful! She feels better and her husband is happier too!

Let's talk about sex: Avlimil, via crème, KY jelly, and KY warming gel and other sex stimulation products.

There are several types of libido increasing products on the market right now.

Avlimil is designed to make women want to have sex, restore a natural balance to women's lives and to promote a more energetic love life.
It works because several of their active ingredients like Black Cohosh and Isoflavones promote estrogen production in a woman's body. And as we have learned before, estrogen is the primary sex hormone.

Avlimil, however, may not help every woman. Some women are not low in Estrogen, some are low in testosterone and there could be danger in taking extra estrogen.

Avlimil is expensive! Depending if you order on-line or call the price can range from $ 45-$55.00 for a 30day supply.

If you would like to do more research on Avlimil here are some good links:, a complete study of Avlimil and the company's history. About the author: Corey Nahman is a registered pharmacist in the state of New York, pharmacist since 1983. The products home page.

A newspaper article on Berkeley Premium Anthracitic, mentions the history of Berkley and consumer complaints regarding Berkley. [The Cincinnati Enquirer; James McNair]


Sexua stimulants orl Libido Enhancers:

The other types of sexual libido enhancers are products such as: Alura, via crème and via gel. All of these products basically contain the same ingredients: L-arsine and Menthol.

When applied, this combination creates a tingling sensation on the clitoris. These products do work for topical stimulation. What they won't work for is restoring your libido. Your libido is decreased because your hormone levels are out of balanced.

These products can be expensive, varying in price from $1.00 per application up to $7.00 per application. Some of the means to apply the cream are not very sanitary, one of the products uses a wand that is applied directly to your clitoris and then you dip it back into your product. Thus contaminating your product with bacteria.

KY jelly, KY warming liquid

These help to provide lubrication, which is a common complaint for menopausal women. They work well, but they are not permanent solutions.

What should you do to restore your libido and enjoy sex again?

While there is no perfect solution and each woman is different the best option is to get your get your hormone levels tested. Including your testosterone levels, estradiol and your progesterone levels. This way you will have the perfect solution that will work specifically for you.

If you need something tonight, use Fempower a topical clitoris stimulator. It will make you feel sexy again!

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, check out our Vaginal moisturizing cream, it will help relieve the vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

If you are low in estrogen or have low estradiol levels, then use Estro-All, a phyto-estrogen cream. It will help restore your estrogen levels back to a normal level. Once again, estrogen is your primary sex hormone and low estrogen levels may be the reason that you are experiencing a decreased interest in sex or low libido.

If you are low in testosterone, use DHEA. It will gently raise your levels back to normal. In addition, DHEA may be used as a topical stimulator. It works by pushing the nerve receptors closer to the skin making your clitoris more sensitive to stimulation. Rub some on your husband as well, he'll love it!

Admittedly, there is no easy answer. Every woman is unique. However, you now have the tools to find the perfect answer for you. You are in control.

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