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Sexual health for her

Low Libido

If I had a dime for every time that a woman complained to me about a diminished or non-existent libido, I would be rich” Dr. Susan Saronnetti, UTP

What Dr. Saronnetti is referring to is the unfortunate reality that many women face:no sex drive or low sex drive, painful sex, and low libido-you name it…it’s real.

For some women it is an after effect of post menopause or a hysterectomy. For others it was like this for them throughout their adult lives.

Menopausal age women
Women experiencing a lack of female libido either from Perimenopause, Menopause, or Post menopause (hysterectomy especially) we have a perfect solution for you. Read our article: Let's talk about Sex: Menopause and a low libido.

Many women have heard about or tried Avlimil. Avlimil is designed to make women want to have sex, restore a natural balance to women's lives and to promote a more energetic love life.

Avlimil works because several of their active ingredients like Black Cohosh and Isoflavones promote estrogen production in a woman's body. Estrogen is a woman's primary sex hormone and when that is low or absent a woman experiences a lack of female libido. Avlimil, however, may not help every woman. And for certain women who are not low in Estrogen taking Avlimil or any extra estrogen may be dangerous.

Personal lubricants

What about Personal lubricants such as KY Jelley or KY warming liquid?
KY jelly, KY warming liquid help to provide lubrication, which is a common complaint for menopausal women. They work well, but they are not permanent solutions.

Often times the solution for menopausal women is a combination of hormone replacement therapy, personal lubrication such as our vaginal moisturizing cream and topical stimulation such as Female Rescue or Fempower to restore a women’s libido, naturally.

Female libido enhancer

Another solution is L-argine, L-arginine works once it comes in contact with your skin it creates a warm and tingling sensation. L-arginine provides stimulation to the clitoris area which naturally enhancing female performance and libido.

For women looking for female libido enhancer or female orgasm enhancer we recommend using Fempower, a topical clitoris stimulator gel the active ingredient L-arginine creates a warm and tingling sensation on the skin once applied.

Or you could try Female Rescue, Female Libido Rescue is a nonprescription gel designed to safely increase sexual arousal for women with natural ingredients that enhance clitoral sensitivity. Improves the opportunity to achieve orgasm and gives enormous personal satisfaction.

Some women have benefited from using DHEA. Increasing testosterone levels slightly, may cause and increase in libido in certain women.

If you need more vaginal lubrication or sex is painful than we recommend the vaginal moisturizing cream. The Vitamin E formula will provide you with discreet personal lubrication that can be used daily.


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