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1 liter water bottle- Polycarbonate Water bottle
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1 Liter (32oz) poly carbonated water bottle # 7 polycarbonate water bottle.
  • Drink More water with the 1 liter (32oz) bottle water
  • Fits perfectly in your tote, back pack and most vehicles drink holders
  • Easy to clean, wide mouth with a dome cap water bottle
  • Freezes well and dishwasher safe
  • No plastic taste in your water! Bacteria resistant, reusable bottle water
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New Wave Enviro Water bottles Sport jug with a wide mouth that makes it easier to clean the bottle or use ice cubes!

  • This bottle is perfect for a day out or a day at work.
  • These water bottles are great for school and class.
  • The advantage of a polycarbonated bottle is that the plastic will not leach toxins. The plastic will also not allow bacteria to grow in the bottle.
  • #7 Polycarbonate plastic water bottle -a safer alternative to #1 plastics

Benefits of the 1 liter water bottle:

Easy travel size fits nicely in most car cup holders. These water bottles fit comfortably in your tote or backpack.

Drink two 1 liter (32oz) bottles and you have your whole day's worth of water
Which helps you to keep your commitment to drink more water!

The poly carbonated water bottles by New Wave Enviro are unique in that the poly carbonated plastic is much safer for you than PET plastic(or number 1) plastic. PET plastic, which is used for commercial convenience water bottles such as Deer Park or Fiji is designed only for one use.

But how many times have we purchased a Deer Park, Evian, ,Fiji, or even walmart water bottle and re-used it over and over again? Stop re-using them! It is not safe for you!

Did you notice the plastic taste of the water? That is because of the plastic leaching into YOUR drinking water. What about the white stuff growing inside of your PET bottle? That would be bacteria, which when you refill it-it also gets into Your drinking water. Yum!

Precisely why it is vital that you never re-use any plastic bottle or container that has a number 1 on the bottom. Always, re-use items that contain a number four or seven, this way you will be sure not to ingest any toxins or bacteria. A much safer choice for you and your family!

Description: Great portable 1 and 2.2 liter water bottles.

Material: Poly Carbonate, # 7
The premier bottle... The #7 recycle code on its bottom is your guarantee of quality!
Glass-like, non-porous material- the healthiest plastic container No plastic leaching! Reusable over and over again with breaking down or growing bacteria.
durable- No heat or cold distortion

Stay hydrated!

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