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2.2 Liter (64oz) BPA Free water bottle by New Wave Enviro Products

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2.2 liter (64 oz )"big mouth water bottles" Sport Water bottle by New wave enviro

No Plastic taste in your water-Great for ionized water

  • Perfect for work or school or sports, 2.2 liter sport water bottle Drink your 64 oz of water,
  • One full container is your whole days worth!
  • The 2.2 liter water bottle is a wonderful accessory for working out. Bacteria resistant water bottles no water bottle bacteria
  • Stainless steel cap- wide mouth big mouth water bottles
  • BPA freemade with EASTAR Resin by New wave enviro
  • Height: 8 inches, Diameter: 4.5 inches, mouth opening: 1 3/4" inches
  • Color: natural blue- only 1 color available
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Why We Love It

big mouth water bottles New wave enviro

Why We Love It

These fabulous 2.2 liter (64oz) big mouth water bottles by New wave enviro  BPA FREE water bottles are a must have! by New Wave Enviro.   These water bottles hold up to 64 oz-you're entire days' requirement of water. 

Made from BPA Free Easter Resin these big mouth water bottles are reusable and recyclable. 2.2 liter sport water bottle, BPA Free water bottle by New wave enviro by New wave is one of our favorite water bottles!

  • Easy to carry with a handle on the side with a large mouth to make cleaning easy
  • Perfect for hard workouts or sitting at your desk :-)
  • Height: 8 inches, Diameter: 4.5 inches, mouth opening: 1 3/4" inches
  • A great way to ensure that you are drinking your daily requirements (min of 64oz of water) a day!
  • Holds 64oz of water with a big mouth water bottles

***QUICK TIP*** Buy the 2.2 liter water bottle tote- it helps keep this bottle cool, makes it easier to carry and you have a place for your keys!


BPA Free Easter Resin a FDA approved and NSF  51 certified resin. Virtually all major personal water bottle manufacturers are now using the Eastman Chemical material; however as has substainable and  less expensive.

A # 1 recycling code that is reusable and glass like, it is wholly unique in that it carries a “1” recycle code. In the unlikely event these bottles are discarded, they are easily recyclable.


Easy Cleaning instructions:

We hand wash ours with detergent or vinegar or baking soda and tap water. Dishwashers with temperatures over 120 degrees may warp the bottle. The cap, of course, can be cleaned in a dishwasher