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Glug free caps

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Glug Free Cap from New Wave Enviro

Perfect accessory for the 1liter water bottle and 2.2 liter bottle water bottles by New Wave Enviro

  • Allows for "Glug-Free drinking"
  • Fits perfectly on your 1liter and 2.2. liter water bottle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits most bottle water -New Wave Enviro water bottle products
  • Manufacturered by New Wave Enviro products

Why We Love It

The glug free cap is the perfect accessory for your 1 liter or 2.2 liter bottle water bottle. It allows for glug free drinking, which makes it easier to drink without making a sound. A must have to go with your bottle water. Take it to work, school or on the go and never make the glug sound again