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Splish Splash New Wave Enviro

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New Wave Eviro Splish Splash Bath Filters

  • Remove the harmful effects of chlorine from your bath.
  • Enjoy a healthier bathing experience with natural-feeling rainwater-like freshness!
  • Softer skin and hair. Improved lathering and sudsing.
  • De chlorinates in just minutes!
  • No plumbing or tools required!
  • Non-toxic, safe for the whole family (and pets too).
  • Filter effective for about 200 baths. (a year of average use)
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Why We Love It

The New Wave enviro Splish Splash natural bath declorinating filter helps keep your bath clean.

The Splish Splash bath filter by New Wave Enviro:

  • Helps keep your skin dry and itchy skin
  • Removes Harsh chlorine smell in hair and on body
  • Restores Brittle, dull hair How does the Splish Splash Natural Bath Dechlorinating Filter Work?
  • No plumbing or tools required.

The Splish Splash bathtub filter has a filter pouch inside with a special alloy, KDF, which on contact with Chlorine ions in the water, converts them into harmless Chlorides. Dechlorinates in minutes!

Directions: Just let the ball hang from the water spout or simply toss the filter in the bath water. The Chlorine is transformed as the water flows through the filter.

Why remove Chlorine from the bath? Chlorine is a highly toxic element, used to chemically disinfect water, but also very harsh; damaging living cells, stripping proteins from your skin and hair, leaving it dry and itchy, and irritating sensitive areas. Chlorine is absorbed into the body through the skin. Removing the chlorine helps to protect your skin and hair, leaving it feeling softer while giving it an invigorating feeling of cleanliness, much like bathing in fresh rainwater.

 The Splish Splash Natural Bath Filter is Non-Toxic and safe for the whole family! The filter is effective for about 200 baths (a year of average use).