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Essential Oils - Tea Tree Oil 100 % Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is the most versatile essential oil found in nature. There are over 100 great uses for tree tea oil.
  • Clears up acne
  • Helps with cold sores
  • Treats head colds and flu
  • Great for insect bites Many more useage of tea tree oil

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Product Description:

Tea Tree Oil is an anti-fungal healing oil and is the essential oil steam distilled from the Australian plant Melaleucan alternifolia. Tea Tree Oil contains over 100 components. Many satisfied users have found that Tea tree oil works for sinus relief, sore throats, chest-colds, topical antiseptics for skin injuries, rubs for arthritis and inhalants for asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Ingredients: The active ingredient in tea tree oil is a Terpinen-4-ol, responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity. And is believed to be effective both as an antifungual, antibacterial, and antiviral treatment. Treating problems such as acne, cold sores, impetigo and a host of other complaints, because of its antibacterial action, tea tree oil is used as a topical antiseptic.