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Women's Multi Liquid Vitamins- 8oz

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Women's Multi Liquid Vitamins Easy to use 8 oz flask

  • Increased energy levels
  • Promotes hair and nail growth
  • Provides your daily supply of vitamins and minerals
  • High absorption rate, whole food liquids
Please note that this is an 8 oz size
Description Ingredients Why We Love It

Why We Love It

Women's Multi is an amazing blend of whole foods designed to provide the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids your body deserves, plus a blend of herbs used for women's health and extra calcium.

The base of pure aloe vera juice is loaded with digestive enzymes. Sea vegetables - dubbed nature's perfect food - provide most of the nutrients in this well-rounded formula. Honey is an excellent sweetener, known for its energizing effects and b-complex vitamins. Our Aloe Vera juice is cold-pressed, leaving the nutrients intact and the enzymes active.

Because Women's Multi is a whole food and liquid, there is no product with a higher absorption rate. If you are a person who has problems with supplements disagreeing with your system, you may find the whole food qualities of Women's Multi to be what you need.

Dosage Guidelines 1 oz. daily with food, may be mixed with juice.

Nutritional Information

  • Vitamins Vitamin A: 5000 iu
  • Vitamin B-1: 10 mg
  • Vitamin B-2: 11 mg
  • Vitamin B-3: 9 mg
  • Vitamin B-5: 17 mg
  • Vitamin B-6: 10 mg
  • Vitamin B-12: 45 mcg
  • Vitamin D: 220 iu
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids: 305 mg
  • Ester-CŪ: 200 mg
  • Vitamin E: 60 iu
  • Vitamin K: 26 mcg
  • Minerals Calcium: 150 mg Copper: 1 mg
  • Iodine: 160 mcg
  • Iron: 10 mg
  • Magnesium: 150 mg
  • Manganese: 12 mg
  • Phosphorus: 105 mg
  • Potassium: 95 mg
  • Zinc: 5 mg
  • Enzymes: Amylase, Lipase, Protease Amino Acids: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Valine Trace Minerals: Antimony, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Bromine, Cadmium, Caesium, Carbon, Cerium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Fluorine, Gadolinium, Germanium, Gold, Gallium, Hafnium, Holmium, Indium, Iridium, Lanthanum, Lithium, Lutetium, Molybdenum, Neodymium, Nickel, Niobium, Nitrogen, Osmium, Oxygen, Palladium, Platinum, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Sulfur, Tantalum, Tellurium, Thallium, Thorium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zirconium Folic Acid: 400 mcg Red Raspberry: 125 mg Trimethylglycine (TMG): 150 mg Proprietary Blend (Horse Chestnut (20% Aescin), Maca Root, Alfalfa): 1035 mg Ingredients 100% Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate, Purified Water, Natural Flavoring, Cultivated Seaweeds (Alaria Valida, Costaria Costata, Fucus Gardneri, Gigartina, Laminaria, Nereocystis, Phodymprhenia Pertusa, Ulva Latuca, Ulva Linza), Honey, Spirulina, Citric Acid, Vegetable Gum, Potassium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

Supplemental Reading: The HRT Solution by Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph. and John Kells. Avery, 1999. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, by Dr. John R. Lee