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Vapur water bottles

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Vapur water bottles the best anti-water bottle on the market

  • 1. Vapur is the foldable and portable
  • 2. Vapur water bottle is reusable designed to go anywhere.
  • 3. Vapur water bottles can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty easily fitting into pockets, purses, packs or briefcases.
  • 4. Reusable-Can fill them up at airports, water fountains
  • 5. BPA free water bottles that are dishwasher safe and freezer friendly.
  • Phtalate and lead free
  • MADE IN THE USA! ( our favorite part)
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Why We Love It

One of a kind BPA Free Reusbale Vapur water bottle

new way species of water bottles. Each vapur water bottle comes with :
  • Capacity: 16 oz (473 ml)
  • BPA Free safe water bottle Ultra-durable BPA-Free polymer Stands when full -
  • Stands when full of water and rolls up and folds or flattens when empty
  • Matching clip that connects to backpack, jeans, stroller
  • Writable text area for personalization
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack) or can be cleaned by hand
  • Freeze it, use it as an ice pack, and drink it as it thaws.
* Made in the USA Vapur bottles and spouts are made in the United States.