A buyer’s guide to standing desks

Easy to roll through doors and cramped spaces, these height-adjustable sit-stand desks let you quickly change from a sitting to a standing position. Height-adjustable desks allow workers to easily change postures from sitting to standing height throughout the day which can positively impact physical health. But with numerous headlines reporting the health risks of too much sitting and statistics suggesting that most office workers spend eight to 10 hours a day in a chair, sit-stand desks have quickly become standard office equipment. In other words, people who used sit-stand desks did indeed spend less time sitting and more time standing than those who used regular desks. Before we get right into it, you should visit topstandingdesks.com if you want to simply know which standing desks are the most popular in the market.

After two months of unboxing, building, using, testing, and comparing eight of the newest standing desks side by side, we think the Uplift Bamboo Stand Up Desk with 1″ Thick Desktop and V2 Frame is the best desk for people who want a relatively stable surface that looks good, moves quickly and quietly, and should give you the fewest problems in working every day. Sit-standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35” wide- black prime cables Comes with adapter for keyboard Comes with anti- fatigue standing mat. Standing desks are increasingly popular in Canada’s offices, but are they really better for your health than sitting all day?

Electric height-adjustable desks have a control pad that raises and lowers the desk and usually has memory presets so you can save your favorite standing and sitting heights. Sit-stand desks may be effective at reducing sitting time during the work day between 30 minutes and two hours per working day but the evidence is low quality. A height-adjustable desk or sit-stand desk can be adjusted to both sitting and standing positions; this is purported to be healthier than the sit-only desk.

WorkWise sit-stand desks make it easy to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting health and productivity. LifeSpan Standing Workstations let you utilize both sitting and standing throughout your workday with a height-adjustable desktop that adjusts with the push of a button. We have everything you need to create a flexible active office, including freestanding sit-stand desks, our best-selling adjustable-height desk converters, and lighting and storage to complete your setup.

Standing all day can be as bad for you as constantly sitting, though, so the theory with standing desks is actually to mix up sitting and standing – the best standing desks are height adjustable – varying your posture to hopefully also help with potential ergonomic issues and related aches and pains. At the same time that sales of sit-stand desks were booming, studies devoted to measuring the impact of replacing hours spent sitting with hours spent standing were starting to yield results. The study involved 146 people who worked in office roles at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in the U.K. Seventy-six participants were given sit-stand desks and completed training meant to encourage less sitting at work, including an educational seminar, individual coaching sessions and even a smart seat cushion, which reminded people to stand by vibrating.

Office workers who used desks that could be adjusted for sitting or standing reported significant reductions in the amount of time they spent sitting, better health and improved work performance at the end of a year-long trial, compared to employees who sat at their desks as usual. And freelance writer Julia Goldstein, 52, signed up for a communal workspace in the Seattle area that offers standing desks — and even bought one for her home office — because the runner and triathlete noticed that sitting all day was tightening her hips and giving her lower back pain. Victor’s height-adjustable standing desks and sit-stand desks are easy-to-use solutions for anyone looking to stand for some or all of the day.

Chambers examined the effects of sit-stand desks across six parameters: “behavior (for example, time sitting and standing), physiological, work performance, psychological, discomfort, and posture.” This standing desk adaptor’s adjustable drop-down tray helps you maintain the correct distance beween your hands and monitor, and can also be used while you’re sitting (the whole unit flattens down to just a few inches). Several peer-reviewed studies agree that sitting for long periods of time can shorten your life Sitting for eight hours a day or more can be a health risk similar to obesity or smoking, according to an analysis of 13 studies, and can be linked to increased occurrence of cancers, per this broader study of 4 million people in 43 studies Being moderately active for 60 to 75 minutes per day can counter the effects of too much sitting.

Incorporating standing desks into your classroom will support student health and learning by reducing risks commonly associated with sitting all day, including cardiovascular problems, obesity and muscle pain. Humanscale adjustable standing/sit desk stand Comes with 2 monitor stands, and a keyboard mouse shelf, use either in standing mode or sitting mode fully adjustable. “In fact, there’s very little evidence at all that switching people from sitting to standing desks makes much of a difference on anyone’s health,” he said.

The height of our standing desks is so easy to adjust that you can change it several times a day to work in the most comfortable position. Speed of Height Adjustment – Measured in inches per second, the higher quality desks tend to switch from sitting to standing faster. 3 It is not clear how standing desks compare to other work-place interventions to reduce the length of time employees are sitting during the work day.

Migration height-adjustable desk allows employees to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity and promoting wellbeing in individual and group workspaces. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health , it’s not clear that standing instead of sitting at a desk all day burns a significant number of calories. But according to an analysis published Wednesday of 20 of the best studies done so far, there’s little evidence that workplace interventions like the sit-stand desk or even the flashier pedaling or treadmill desks will help you burn lots more calories, or prevent or reverse the harm of sitting for hours on end.

Yet before experts could fully weigh in on whether standing behind a desk was any better for health than sitting behind a desk, thousands of office workers traded in their traditional desk for a sit-stand version. The research suggests that sit-stand desks, which can be adjusted throughout the day, may be a better option than either static sitting or standing desks. Standing desks became trendy because of their ability to cut into your sitting time , thereby improving your health and wellness in the workplace.

While you worry about you’re your health, this 60 inches crank adjustable standing desk provides a new specs for the customers either for sitting or standing. If you are looking for a standing desk that will fit in your budget, here are our picks for the 10 best Sit-Stand Desks for your work space that will make you productive and healthy. Hence, we have included height adjustable sit-stand desks so when buying your own standing workstation consider these factors:

“There are health benefits to using sit-stand desks, such as a small decrease in blood pressure or low back pain relief, but people simply are not yet burning enough calories to lose weight with these devices.” Other studies suggested that sit-stand desks, specifically, prompt people to move more and consequently burn more calories Many people believe that this innovative type of furniture, which most modern offices now have, can help with weight loss.

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