A buyer’s guide to travel guitars

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric is the best mini guitar because it is stylish, has great sound and is easy to play. Convenient, comfortable and easy-to-play, travel and mini acoustic guitars are perfect for just about any casual playing scenario. Here are couple of acoustic-electric travel guitars designed for amplified sound in a compact size. To find out the most popular travel guitars among buyers visit travelguitarreviews.com.

Shredneck Travel Guitars have been designed to sound and play great and provide an affordable travel instrument. Designed to give students an affordable entrée into a lifetime of music, Aurora acoustic guitars combine the features of Luna’s full-scale models in a size that puts notes and chords within easy reach for smaller hands. When unfolded at the neck, The Ascender is a full-size, 22-fret, 24 ¾” scale, gig-ready electric guitar with a traditional look, single cut-away design, and high-quality finish.

Here we look at the best travel guitars, covering both acoustic and electric models, designed to let you enjoy the sound and playability of regular guitars, without the bulk and extra-weight. The acoustic electric KLOS guitar package comes with a custom made gig bag, high-end cotton and leather no-slip guitar strap, custom neck sleeve for guitar neck protection, a custom fitted gig bag rain cover, a KLOS branded screw driver for easy guitar disassembly, a KLOS branded aluminum capo, and a hex wrench for adjusting the neck truss rod. Another impressive product I found in the category is the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light, a combo acoustic and electric guitar for players that want to explore their playing ability and develop on both styles.

If you need small – but not in-scale length, fret complement or neck feel – Traveler Guitar certainly has a big and diverse range of electrics, electros and even acoustics with which to tempt you. We offer a complete lineup of instruments, including carved top guitars, multiscale fanned fret guitars & basses, MIDI synth access guitars, headless guitars & basses, extended-scale baritone guitars, acoustic/electric guitars and basses plus signature models from Jason Becker, Allan Holdsworth and more. Fender doesn’t have the same pedigree as Martin and Taylor when it comes to acoustic guitars, but they know a thing or two about building quality instruments that musicians love to play.

For electrics a travel guitar is still generally full scale (a neck as long as a standard guitar) but features some other space-saving feature, like tuning pegs below the bridge or in the body. Generally for acoustics a travel guitar is smaller than a parlor guitar but still features a full scale neck (that’s not to say that shorter scale guitars are uncommon). The Martin Backpacker has a good sound, and its neck feels like a full-size guitar, which is ideal for practicing & playing.

Why We Liked It – The sound quality is unbeatable, we are reviewing several travel-size guitars which have similar modifications but the Little Martin still brings a Martin sound without compromise for its travel mods. Solid wood, with a Mahogany back and body, the Washburn Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar looks tremendous and impresses most guitarists who pick it up. Its Rosewood fretboard and Mahogany neck have a great feel, while top Spruce only enhances the look and feel of this acoustic travel guitar. If you’re looking for travel acoustic guitars that feature a full-size neck and full scale, the Washburn RO10 might be just what you need.

With many travel acoustic guitars struggling to match the quality and sound of a standard instrument, this is high praise indeed for the Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. Dean FLY BUB Flight Series 3/4 Size Travel Acoustic Guitar is made out of the finest wood materials which makes this guitar so smooth on the touch and easy to play on. Simply speaking, the set neck and rosewood fingerboard ensures you to play without any complications on this guitar. Since this is an acoustic-electric type of travel guitar, you can expect it to work perfectly and to deliver a quite good sound quality in general.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar is made in the light of the one-piece guitar design type of travel guitars. 9) Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar with Gig Bag. Martin LXM Little Martin travel guitar is specially designed to provide great experience for anyone who is playing it. Also, it is quite convenient to travel with this guitar since it has a travel-like design and size.

It offers a full-scale neck in a compact size, wonderful tone and playability, and the durability of the carbon fiber body means you don’t have to worry too much about this guitar getting knocked around. Travel guitars could be a full-size guitar that fold at the neck, offering full-size playability and tone but with the convenience of being able to fold the guitar in half! It also comes with a quality custom-fit padded gig bag, making this guitar easy to grab and go, wherever your playing may take you.

Fauna acoustic guitars are the perfect companion for musical creation with the full sound produced by its grand auditorium cutaway body design. The Traveler Ultra-Light Electric guitar appeals to guitarists who are looking for a portable practice axe with similar playing feel as their Les Paul style instrument. Whether it’s for travel, little hands learning to play, or just a fun guitar that hangs around the couch, Taylor’s small-body guitars sport big tone and a real guitar playing experience.

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