A guide to buying a water cooler dispenser

Top loading bottled water coolers are generally less costly than point of use coolers, and save some time and work with initial set up. Instead of tapping into your home or office water line, you simply place the 2, 4, or 5 gallon water bottle you have purchased or filled from the store, on the unit and plug it in! The range of bottled water coolers offers customers access to a range of dispensers suitable to a number of offices and home environments in need of a drinking water solution. To find a suitable water cooler for your home or office be sure to view the options at watercoolerdispensermodels.com.

To our knowledge, very few studies have been conducted on the bacteriological quality of bottled water coolers ( 13 , 14 ). Levesque et al. found a significantly higher proportion of water cooler samples resulted contaminated than tap water ( 13 ). Aerobic plate count was also higher in coolers compared with spring water used to supply the coolers ( 14 ). Similar results have also been reported about the microbial quality of drinking water dispensed from bottleless water coolers (water dispensers) ( 15 – 17 ). In general, the water dispensed from water coolers was found to be more contaminated than the water supplied to them. Many of Culligan’s home and office water coolers come equipped with both hot and cold faucets built into the water dispenser, which regulate the temperature of filtered water as it makes its way into your glass.

Consider room temperature bottled water dispensers as some individuals are sensitive to the cold water in regular units. Though some water coolers are linked directly to the plumbing in a house or office, the vast majority are bottled water dispensers using a 5 gallon water bottle. Aquaverve carries a variety of bottled water coolers and dispensers ideal for home or office use.

Fortunately, getting unlimited access to clean, crisp water – without the high monthly rental fees – doesn’t have to be. Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and 5-gallon water coolers to match all your home and office needs. Culligan’s space-saving water dispenser design takes up less than one-square foot of space, allowing you to place the cooler almost anywhere in your home or office – though we recommend keeping it, and any stored water bottles, away from direct sunlight. Culligan Bottled Water offers a line of office water coolers and home water dispensers that are both stylish and functional.

Newer variants of water coolers include an additional dispenser designed to fill water bottles directly on wall-mounted units. Bottled water coolers typically use 5 or 10-gallon dispensers commonly found on top of the unit. While most people think of cold water when they think of water coolers, you can also find bottled water coolers that provide a steady supply of hot water along with the cold.

Reduces 16 Contaminants That Can Be Found In Drinking Water/ System Filters The Equivalent Of 68,000 Bottles Of Water/ Easy Above Sink Faucet Installation/ Filter Change Reminder Light On Faucet/ 900 Gallon Unit Capacity/ White Finish. All of our Bottled Water Coolers and Dispensers provide chilled, refreshing water for you, your staff and customers. While fulfilling increased demands of the clients, we are efficient in providing modern-age Drinking Water Cooler Product Details: Easy to install and maintain Advance technology with smart structure Highly durable Hold water temperature for long time User-friendly Available in various sizes.

Whether housed in your kitchen, living room, office, or break room, there are styles and variations of bottled water cooler dispensers to fit any décor. Optional Temperature Settings: By providing hot and cold settings, the filtered water in your water bottle travels through the water dispenser to provide water at your desired temperature – whether it’s chilled for hydrating or hot for tea. This compact unit is another bottom loading option – easy on your back – that provides cold, room temperature and hot water.

3 different temperature modes (ice cold, room, steaming hot), rapid water flow and quiet operation – these features are pretty standard for most high-end water cooler dispensers. This unit is one of the best selling hot and cold drinking water dispensers right now. A water cooler dispenser gives you instant access to hot and cold drinking water at all times.

Primo designed this water dispenser to serve users both hot and cold water from a bottom loading water bottle. Aqua Systems offers many choices when it comes to bottled water coolers and dispensers. Most water coolers or dispensers will accommodate standard-size pre-filled water bottles in two-, four-, and five-gallon sizes, but you should confirm this before buying.

We are a leading provider of Bottled Water Dispensers, Filtered Water Dispensers (point of use) and Packaged Water products. Freestanding Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser has a bottom loading design, preventing spills and avoid lifting heavy water bottles. Also, a bottom loading water cooler dispenser will surely make your water clean and fresh because of the stainless steel tanks inside of it. This will make sure they will never alter the taste of water compared to plastic bottles.

A total of 32 drinking water samples were collected, over a 5-month period in 2012-2013, from free standing bottled water coolers in office buildings in the city of Isfahan. Given the importance of drinking water safety and identification of potential microbial and chemical pollution sources of drinking water this study was conducted to evaluate the microbial and physico-chemical quality of water from bottled water coolers. Chemical water pollution due to leaching of organic compounds from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in drinking water is also a globally concern ( 11 , 12 ). Therefore, bottled water coolers have the potential to release hazardous chemicals to the drinking water.

Whether you want a glass of ice-cold water or a mug of hot cocoa, hot or cold clean water will always be available on demand, at your convenience — thanks to your Premium Waters bottled water cooler. However, if there is no access to a main water line, a bottled water dispenser is an easy way to provide clean filtered water. At Water Cooler Dispensers, we don’t believe in selling you overpriced, proprietary replacement filters for the bottleless units like many of the other water cooler companies you will find online.

Water Cooler Dispensers offers a full line of affordable, commercial-grade bottleless and water coolers to match any home or office needs. A Culligan drinking water cooler is sure to fit in with your existing décor and offers many benefits, such as: optional temperature settings, a space-saving design, low maintenance, and filtered drinking water. POU units are generally more hygienic than bottled water coolers, provided the end user has access to clean water sources.

POU Water coolers are connected to a water supply , while bottled water coolers require delivery (or self-pick-up) of water in large bottles from vendors Bottled water coolers can be top-mounted or bottom-loaded, depending on the design of the model. As the name clearly states, a water cooler or an instant hot water dispenser is utilized in order to provide easy access to drinking water. Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser.

Your BIBO is a counter-top water dispenser and is designed to look beautiful on your kitchen worktop and fit perfectly under your kitchen cupboards – without taking up valuable cupboard space like undersink chillers do. The neat and compact BIBO product range comes in a choice of 12 glorious colours to suit your kitchen or office.

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