Guide to choosing a good exercise mat

Exercise mats are portable and can be easily moved or reconfigured depending on your exercise needs. The most common exercise mats come in square or rectangular shapes and are made with foam or rubber compounds. Exercise mats can be laid over almost any surface and come in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses and material types. To find the right exercise mat for you go to

Our trained staff has the expertise to advise on the proper selection of mats and flooring for your needs. Whether you need to add some cushioning for your exercise routines or want a protective layer for the placement of home gym equipment, Flaman Fitness has your bases covered. They can be used in many ways and for different exercises routines to make your body comfortable as you workout.

One resulting product, the PLUFSIG folding gym mat, provides happy landings at home to do just that. The most common yoga mats and exercise mats are made of a PVC material. This is because certain yoga poses call for a strong connection between the user’s body and the floor’s surface.

Generally speaking, exercise mats are thicker than yoga mats, with its thickest variation at only ¼ of an inch. Most people prefer exercise mats that are made of a vinyl cover for hygiene purposes because they are easy to wipe clean. This is why most exercise mats are used for high-intensity fitness programs.

Today, some major brands have also produced travel yoga mats, which are just 1/16-inch thick, making it very portable, lightweight, and easy to fold. That is why this article is geared towards letting you know the differences between yoga mats and exercise mats. Browse 37,401 exercise mat stock photos and images available or search for yoga or gym to find more great stock photos and pictures.

Many reviewers also mentioned that it’s great for a variety of exercises, including hot yoga and strength conditioning routines. Custom Sized 25.5” x 18” thick rubber mat that provides ideal surface while using your Simply Fit Board. Great for yoga or pilates, this mat with stylish coordinating bag will proudly display your company’s logo.

Exercise Mat Design Exercise MatCustom Lanyards with high shine finish that makes them stand out from crowd, a great product for promotional events. The material is non-absorbant and comes with a sewn handle for easy transportation to and from the gym. The Mambo Max Exercise Mats may be used in water.

With over a dozen different styles of exercise mats in stock, SPRI has the right size mat to accommodate your activity level, comfort, and needs. In addition to SPRI mats, we offer a number of Airex fitness mats. Both mats were designed with ease of travel and storage in mind.

The Hanging Mats are dense and made up of a closed-cell foam that is both lightweight and resilient. Made of high-quality memory foam and a durable vinyl, non-skid base, the ab mat is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. Hanging mats, bi-fold and tri-fold mats, and your standard roll-up fitness mat can all be found here.

SPRI has a number of exercise mats varying in thickness and features to accommodate your specific needs. Its durable, yet stable, foundation protects your joints and muscles during floor exercises. This foldable mat is made out of high-density foam that is 6mm thick and easily folds down to a small packable rectangle that can fit into a backpack or bag.

Whether you’re seeking increased flexibility or a workout that challenges your whole body, this Yoga Basics Kit is a great way to get started. Specifically designed to blend cushioning and stability, this premium Power-Grip yoga mat is constructed of 100% natural rubber with a specialized stabilizing core that prevents bunching and stretching, while providing a denser, firmer, foundation. The Airex® Fitline 180 Mat is the entry-level model for training with exercise mats.

This Athletic Yoga Mat from Gaiam is wider and longer than traditional mats to add more space and stability for those difficult extended poses. Just like the Coronella Mat, this mat is versatile and can be used for exercise,… View full product details. The 5/8″ thickness provides enough cushioning for any floor-based exercise.

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