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To find the best food processors across a spectrum of price points, we tested 11 models, ranging from 12- to 16-cup capacities. Dishwasher safe bowl, lid, chopping blade and reversible slice/shred disc. On basic food processing tasks like chopping onions, mincing parsley, and grinding almonds it did as well as the much pricier models. See which food processors are the most popular among buyers at

You do, however, have to find a place to stash the reversible slicing and shredding disc as well as the 5-cup bowl that converts it into a mini chopper. In the back of the base, there’s a storage compartment to hold the chopping and dough blades and the stem. With it, you get a 2 ½-cup bowl that turns it into a mini chopper and a storage box that holds 5 discs, 2 blades, spatula, and a cleaning brush.

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that can chop, mix, puree, emulsify, grate, and shred ingredients. While I’m a whiz with a knife, I wouldn’t want to live without my food processor for tasks like finely chopping veggies for a tabbouleh or preparing pastry dough for tarts and quiches. In spite of its rock bottom price, the Black + Decker 3-in-1 Easy Assembly 8-cup food processor (model FP4200B) wowed us with its ability to mince, chop, and slice.

This Cuisinart excelled at almost every task, chopping onions and slicing tomatoes as well as a razor-sharp chefs’ knife, as well as kneading pizza dough into a smooth elastic ball. Choose from a wide selection of quality processors from Cuisinart®, Kitchenaid®, MagicBullet® and others. An essential component to any modern kitchen, food processors help create countless delicious recipes.

8-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor with Bowl Scraper & Adjustable Slicing. Dishwasher safe bowl, lid and blades. Scraper works while the processor is on or off, saving time when chopping or pureeing.

Whatever recipe you plan on cooking, our food processors will cut down on your prep time. It will save you so much more time when compared to regular food processors. It is extremely important that the motor in your food processor is strong enough to handle different ingredients, so it can continue to perform in the long term.

It is the perfect tool to perform chopping, shredding, and slicing tasks quickly. Food processors normally have multiple functions, depending on the placement and type of attachment or blade. Sontheimer contracted with a Japanese manufacturer to produce new models in 1977 in order to immediately launch his new Japanese-made food processor in 1980 when his contract with Robot-Coupe expired.

4 5 6 In a time when electric motors were expensive, they also developed the piccolo, where the food processor’s base unit could drive a vacuum cleaner. Food processors are used to blend, chop, dice, and slice, allowing for quicker meal preparation. A food processor typically requires little to no liquid during use, unlike a blender, which requires a set amount of liquid in order for the blade to properly blend the food.

Food processors are similar to blenders in many forms. This easy-to-store chopper features a sharp stainless steel blade and two speed options for accurate thick or fine chopping results. Elevate your culinary techniques with this compact and lightweight 3.5-cup mini food processor from KitchenAid.

Go to previous slide – Save on Food Processors. Showing slide CURRENT_SLIDE of TOTAL_SLIDES – Save on Food Processors. It also helps to drop chopped pieces through the feed tube while the food processor’s in operation instead of loading them all in the bowl before you start.

Below, you’ll find more info on our top-tested chopper plus six other food processors we think you’ll love. Before feeding ingredients into the processor’s tube, make sure to cut the food into small-sized chunks to avoid overloading the machine. Then we checked ease of use, looking at how helpful the owner’s manual was, how easy the blades, chute, and lid were to assemble, the ease of use of controls, the variety of setting offered, and cleanability.

Includes additional 4-cup work bowl, dual lids, and lots of extra blades. Cut prep time in half by shopping the best food processors on the market today. The 7 Best Food Processors to Buy, According to Kitchen Appliance Experts.

Rubberized touch pad controls, and reversible shredding and slicing discs make this food processor a favourite of creative home cooks! Some of our top food processor and chopper brands include Cuisinart and T-Fal. Unlike blenders, food choppers require little or no liquid to operate so you can use dry ingredients.

But I was recently asked to take the KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor for a spin – literally – and because I’m often touting the wonders of the oh-so-awesome food processor and yet can’t recommend a model that’s actually available in stores to anyone, I took them up on it. (Also – I need to find one for my mom for Mother’s Day!) I’ve always relied on my old (vintage!) Cuisinart – a simple, solid model that’s not available anymore – and stuck to the regular multipurpose blade, happy with my old familiar. The truth is, I rarely use my blender for anything besides smoothies – it’s more suited to liquidy drinks and soups (which I use a hand-held immersion blender for anyway), but my food processor is essential for blending things like hummus and pesto, and I always default to mine to efficiently cut butter into flour to make biscuits and pastry.

Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup Food Processor, model FP-14DCNC. The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association , Canada’s seed crop certification authority, offers food processors and end-users this section of the website to learn more about Canada’s seed certification system and the benefits of ingredients made from Certified seed. Countertop-Friendly Footprint: Compact and lightweight, this mini food processor is the perfect size for everyday use in the kitchen.

If you are able to decide on the features you want, then some of these mini food processors will suit you and for experienced and advance cooks, they are task specific enough for you to have both a large food processor as well as a mini food processor. A food processor can slice, dice, mix, blend, knead dough, and chop. Is a Mini Chopper the Same as a Food Processor?

If you’re looking for a smaller appliance to handle some of your tougher kitchen work, then a mini food processor is a great way to go. Despite its name, mini food processors can do it all. A food chopper is a smaller appliance, holding between one to four cups, while a food processor can hold much more depending on the model.

It has a powerful 150W motor to make chopping easy. The work bowl may not hold large amounts of food items for chopping. Patented mechanism for the reversible steel blades for chopping and grinding.

If you live on salads, again the small food processor is ideal because you only need to process small amounts of your desired vegetables and then add them to your salad bowl. Bigger vegetables, like carrots or potatoes, have a difficult time going into a food processor with a narrow tube, so make sure that you think about this before you make your purchase. Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Mini Food Processors.

Some people prefer them because they are single and only cooking for themselves and don’t need the larger sized processors, or perhaps you just need something small and compact for chopping to make salads and meals for one.

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